Medical students on clinical rotations are assigned to health facilities both on and off a UAB campus. Students assigned to any of the three campuses, Birmingham, Huntsville or Tuscaloosa, could have rotations located outside their local calling area. It is important for staff and administration of the School of Medicine to be able to reach our students for purposes related to school business or emergencies. Therefore, state-wide paging access is required.


All actively enrolled MS3 and MS4 students are required to subscribe to a state-wide paging service provided by UAB Radio Paging. They are expected to have this service in place and a number assigned to them by the first day of Transition Course/Registration Day for the MS3 year. They are to have continuous service throughout their clinical years and maintain an active pager until their graduation from The University of Alabama School of Medicine.

Pager numbers for MS3 and MS4 students are required student directory information and are to be to be maintained by the School of Medicine Registrar's Office. Any change in the student pager number is to be submitted by the student to the Registrar's Office for change in the Student Information System.

Any variation from this policy must be approved by the Senior Associate Dean for Students. Failure to abide by this policy will be considered misconduct and could result in formal documentation to the Non-Academic Misconduct file and additional fee charges.