A research experience enhances students' critical thinking and problem solving abilities, skills essential for excellence in clinical practice. For many medical students, research provides an opportunity to discover new knowledge in an area of medicine that they are passionate about. For students considering careers in academic medicine, research experiences allow them to see first hand what academic medicine entails.

UAB medical students have a number of options for engaging in research while pursuing their medical education. These options range from summer research experiences to dual degree programs.

Research Opportunities

Scholarly Activity
Medical students are required to engage in a scholarly project during their third year. Projects vary with the individual interests of the students and range from laboratory research to medical humanities.

Medical Student Research Opportunities: Year 1
Medical students often choose to undertake research during the summer between the first and second years of medical school. Opportunities exist for students to participate in basic biomedical, clinical, translational, and global health research.

Medical Students Research Opportunities: Year 2 and Beyond
Medical students who have completed their preclinical years may opt to take a year out to engage in elective research. Students may choose to stay at UAB or go to another institution for their research. There are a number of competitive fellowships available to support this form of research.

Medical Student Clinical, Service, and Training Opportunities
Medical students may seek out summer programs that provide experiences beyond clerkships and elective rotations. Short-term summer clinical or training programs are available both domestically and internationally to medical students looking to gain additional clinical experience in a desired speciality.