The Caduceus Club is a support organization for the University of Alabama School of Medicine. One of its primary projects is the Carey Phillips Travel Fellowship Fund, which provides financial support for travel expenses on travel electives for third- and fourth-year medical students. If you are planning to travel for an elective and would like to apply, guidelines and applications are available below.

The deadline for applications is Dec. 20, 2015  for the 2015-2016 academic year. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 205-516-5993 or send an email to

Natalie Rodriguez
Executive Secretary
The Caduceus Club


The Caduceus Club of the University of Alabama School of Medicine established the Travel Fellowship to provide unique study opportunities for selected medical students. Qualified medical students are encouraged to apply for these fellowships, which provide transportation costs (to other institutions in this country and abroad) for pursuing the approved training program.

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Applicants must be a third- or fourth-year student at The University of Alabama School of Medicine and must be nominated by a faculty member who assumes the role of sponsor.

  1. Student should have previously shown interest in the science or discipline of medicine to the extent of spending extra time and energies in pursuing knowledge in the particular field.
  2. Student is required to submit a written report on his/her training to our office within 30 days after returning to Birmingham.
  3. Student must provide travel receipts to receive reimbursement.
  4. Student must submit completed application.
  5. Student must provide the following letters:
    1. Letter from the sponsor should include the nature and duration of training.
    2. Letter of recommendation from Dr. Kezar, Associate Dean for Students in Medical Student Services.
    3. Letter of acceptance from responsible staff member at study site.
Return Application To:                      For Questions:
The Caduceus Club
Travel Fellowship
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Birmingham, AL  35242-4800
  Contact Natalie Rodriguez
Phone:  205-516-5993 (office)