2021-2022 In-State Tuition

Year Tuition & Fees Books & Supplies Miscellaneous Living Expenses Cost of Attendance
MS1 $33,379 $3,213 $4,407 $21,824 $62,823
MS2 $33,379 $3,222 $5,176 $23,802 $65,579
MS3 $33,425 $2,699 $5,426 $24,142 $65,692
MS4 $32,358 $1,750 $5,591 $22,224 $61,923

2021-2022 Out-of-State Tuition

Year Tuition & Fees Books & Supplies Miscellaneous Living Expenses Cost of Attendance
MS1 $66,095 $3,213 $4,407 $22,671 $96,386
MS2 $66,095 $3,222 $5,176 $24,719 $99,212
MS3 $66,141 $2,699 $5,426 $25,059 $99,325
MS4 $65,074 $1,750 $5,591 $23,071 $95,486

2021-2022 Disbursements Dates

Class Disbursement 1 Disbursement 2
MS1 July 26, 2021 Jan. 3, 2022
MS2 July 1, 2021 Jan. 3, 2022
MS3 July 1, 2021 Jan. 3, 2022
MS4 July 1, 2021 Jan. 3, 2022

The dates mentioned above are only dates that aid will disburse to your student account for the academic year. Any anticipated refunds would be made available three to five business days after disbursement if you selected direct deposit. If you did not choose direct deposit, any due refund would be mailed to the address on file within seven to ten business days.

2021-2022 UAB Institutional Fees

Fee Type Description Amount
Professional Support Fee Funds SOM health and wellness activities, activities and services to promote professionalism and cultural competency, and academic support and retention to promote a healthy, supportive, and inclusive learning environment. $250
Alumni Residency Application Services Fee Assessed to graduates needing forms completed (e.g., state licensure forms), verification letters written, and/or dean’s letters sent. This is for graduates; current students are not charged for forms or other letters. $45
Anatomy Lab Fee Covers the cost of Gross Anatomy instruction in MS 1-2; also billed to MS3s and MS4s taking the elective Gross Anatomy Dissection. $100
Certified Copy of Diploma Covers the cost of printing and preparing a certified copy of a graduate's diploma. $5
Computer Assisted Learning Fee Covers the cost of providing classroom materials to students. The fee covers MedMap, licensing, administration, and other costs associated with course materials, case studies, and syllabi in all formats. $500
Disability Insurance Premium Provides long term disability insurance coverage to payout $2,000 monthly. If the student is deemed permanently disabled, the monthly benefit will double with an annual 4% cost of living increase. The student will have a loan payout provision that covers $200,000 and a provision to convert this plan to a personal plan upon graduation. Variable
Dental Health Insurance Assessed to all enrolled medical students. The dental health program emphasizes prevention and maintenance of good oral health with provisions for limited treatment of acute disease or injury. $102
Student Health Insurance Plan Assessed to all enrolled medical students. This plan includes preventative services and unlimited lifetime maximums for medical and prescription coverage. The plan is a 1-year commercial policy that is re-negotiated annually and designed specifically to meet the needs of UAB students. $2832
Drop Course Fee Assessed if a schedule deletion is requested less than 14 days prior to course start date. $45
Laboratory Fees (1st and 2nd Years) Covers costs related to non-anatomy laboratory instruction for MS1 and MS2 students. $100
Medical School Application Fee The Medical School Application fee is for all applicants (except individuals that have a waiver ie. participate in the AMCAS FAP and now SHEP) to pay when they submit their secondary application. $100
Secured Communication Fee (1st - 2nd Year Students) Provides access consistent with HIPAA guidelines to secured communication (email and texting) for the members of the health team in order to ensure confidentiality of patient information. $499
Medical Student Services Fee  Funds SOM student organizations, speakers, learning community activities, SOM events such as Orientation and Commencement, and class meetings. This is charged to active students only (i.e., not to students on leave of absence). $376
Testing Fee  (1st - 2nd Year Students) Covers the cost of exams ordered from the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and the CBSE for use in the preclinical curriculum. Covers exam administration and ExamSoft software. Also provides subject exam test administration in question banks and test preparation.  $402
Testing Fee (3rd Year Students) Covers the cost of question banks and test preparation. $350
Clinical Skills and Simulation Instruction Fee (per year)  Covers the cost of clinical skills instruction and simulation instruction. $622
Observed Clinical Skills Evaluation Fee  Covers the cost of two additional observed clinical skills evaluations (OSCEs) in the third year of medical school in preparation for USMLE Step 2 CS. $0
Clerkship Common Curriculum Modules Fee  Covers the cost of an online common curriculum for all clerkships, all sites, in the third year of medical school in preparation for subject exams and USMLE Step 2 CK. $0
Visiting International Student Application Fee   $300
Visiting International Student Course Fee (per 4-week course)  This fee is specifically for visiting international medical students enrolled in a visiting rotation during their fourth year of medical school. Included in the fee are housing, transportation to/from the airport and campus, linens and laundry service during their stay, shelf exams, weekly program to include development and social activities, and a stipend to the mentor in addition to general infrastructure support of the program itself.  $3,000
Visiting Student Registration Fee (per 4-week course)   $150
Visiting Student Registration Fee (per 2-week course)   $75

 *Amounts are based on 2021-2022. These amounts are subject to change year to year.

Tuition Policy

View our Tuition Policy.

In-State Residency

There are a number of factors that may be considered in determining in-state residency for tuition purposes, and you must be able to clearly prove your residency. Alabama, like other states, restricts resident tuition to persons who have been residing in Alabama for purposes other than to obtain an education, and who are able to demonstrate contacts with the State of Alabama indicating intent to remain in this state. Resident tuition status is determined by the University, with regard to Alabama law, and the policies of the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama.