Ambulatory Care Clinic

ambulatoryUpon entry into the program, each resident is assigned a population of continuity patients. This population is comprised of those inherited from past residents and new patient referrals. As interns spend time on the ward service, discharged patients continue their treatment by appointment at the UAB Health Center Montgomery Ambulatory Care Clinic, and these hospital follow-ups also become part of each resident census. The house staff patients are from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, with a remarkably broad variety and spectrum of illness.

Residents generally spend one half day per week in the outpatient facility. During this session, the residents see their patients by appointment. Each case is carefully discussed with the assigned preceptor of the day. During that time preceptors have no other
duties scheduled and are fully available. The list of attendings includes full time, volunteer, part time and junior faculty: both sub-specialists and internists.

In addition to resident continuity clients, the ACC also houses the UAB Family Clinic, bi-monthly Sickle Cell Clinics and monthly Pediatric Pulmonary Clinics, as well as infectious disease, internal medicine and endocrinology practices. The Ambulatory Care Clinic offers a reference library, audiovisual equipment and computer access, including Up-To-Date, interactive teaching programs and Internet. Clinical services include in-house laboratory, ECG, plain film radiography and office spirometry.