Volker Hall

Photo of UAB's Volker HallVolker Hall Education and Research Tower is home of the School of Medicine and serves as the primary teaching facility for students during the first two years of medical school. Volker Hall houses the majority of the classrooms, labs, and other medical education resources.

In 2003, Volker hall underwent a $36 million renovation bringing the School of Medicine's teaching and research facility well into the 21st century and included enhancements such as:

  • Computer-based technology in newer, more intimate lecture rooms
  • Multi-purpose teaching laboratories that will feature computer simulation
  • Student learning communities conducive to studying individually or in small groups
  • Security, including safer access to the building morning, noon, and night
  • A modernized, completely up-to-date case study classroom

Volker Hall is located at 1670 University Boulevard, adjacent to Lister Hill Library for the Health Sciences. UAB Hospital, Children's Hospital, The Kirklin Clinic, and nearly all facilities where medical students do clinical work in Birmingham are a few blocks away, linked by walkways.

The University Boulevard entrances to Volker Hall are located across the street from the Ryals Public Health Building and the Campus Recreation Center.  The 7th Avenue South entrances to Volker Hall are located across from Children's Hospital.