The UAB School of Medicine began work on its Space Master Plan in Fall 2016 as a formal evaluation process to assess how the school utilizes the more than 1.88 million square feet it currently occupies.


To define how space management, design and usage will embody our unique UAB culture and promote excellence in all aspects of the missions of the School of Medicine for the next decade.

This is also an opportunity to shape the future environment and plan for success as a key goal of AMC21. The first phase has involved developing an understanding of our metrics and an inventory of our current space usage. We are now in the second phase in which we have engaged the consulting firm Jacobs Advanced Planning Group (Atlanta, GA), to work with us in developing the Master Plan. In this process, we need to provide input to Jacobs and the SOM space needs for the broad range of constituents and activities in our community.


To achieve this we are forming a series of 5 interlocking committees with an Executive Steering Committee.

steering committee graphic
  1. Administrative/Faculty
  2. Clinical Research/Patient Contact
  3. Education
  4. Computational
  5. Wet Lab/Cores/ARP
  6. Executive Steering Committee

The purpose of these committees are:

Provide vision and input for strategic space development integrating all key elements of the mission while maximizing versatility and achieving goals for research funding, educational excellence and translational research which will be integrated into the Space Master Plan.

Provide input on the standards for uniform high quality space and infrastructure across the SOM for your specific discipline.


Orientation, Friday, April 21, 2017: Introduction to the overall project process, describing the intent of the workshops, and the expectations for each of the space committees.

Preliminary Data Review, Week of May 8, 2017: Individual meetings with each of the five committees to discuss measures of success for the master plan, benchmarks, and how strategy goals mesh with the physical campus. There will also be a meeting with SOM Facilities to validate baseline data and to review the space module framework.

Review Functional Space Module Dossiers, Week of July 24, 2017: Individual meetings with each of the five committees to review input provided during the preliminary data review meetings, combining it with the facilities data, peer reviews and other benchmarks.

Scenarios and Strategy Workshop, Week of August 7, 2017: Interactive discussion of options to maximize utilization of current space and accommodate needed growth.

Summary of Recommendations to Master Plan Steering Committee, Week of September 11, 2017: Presentation of the final recommendations for the School of Medicine Master Plan. This presentation will be to School of Medicine leadership.

Upcoming Events

Space Town Hall Presentation 2-7-17

Space Town Hall Presentation 12-1-16

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