The University of Alabama School of Medicine has four campuses, located in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, where students complete the Core Clerkships and Medicine AIs of their undergraduate medical education program.  To ensure the resources of all four campuses are efficiently utilized, avoiding over enrollment or under enrollment at any one campus, students will be assigned proportionately to each campus.


At time of acceptance to the University of Alabama School of Medicine applicants are assigned to one of the School of Medicine’s four campuses for their MS-3 and MS-4 years.  Applicants are assigned proportionately to each campus each time letters of acceptance are issued and applicants accepted from the Alternate List are assigned based on campus availability.  Campus assignments will be included in applicant letters of acceptance. The Admissions Committee’s decision to accept or not accept an applicant will be without regard to the applicant’s campus preference(s.) 

Orignal Policy adopted 9/26/01
Revision Proposed 10/25/12
Approved 10/26/12