Decisions for admission are made by the Admissions Selection Committee. The Admissions Selection Committee meets as needed, approximately once each month.

As part of the Holistic admissions process, in making decisions for admission the Selection Committee considers the applicant’s grades and MCAT scores, information from letters requested by the applicant, information from the AMCAS application, Secondary application, information about the applicant’s experiences and attributes from the Initial Application Review and both the MMI and Traditional Interviews. Acceptance decisions include:

  • Applicants whose evaluation and ratings fall above the threshold for acceptance at the time they are interviewed will be notified of acceptance shortly after their interview.
  • Other applicants will be accepted (from time-to-time) when these thresholds are lowered, resulting in acceptance of applicants who have interviewed in previous weeks.
  • Applicants offered acceptance are first notified by email.
      • Because official acceptance letters contain individual acceptance information and campus assignments, they are typically mailed only once each month until final decisions are made in March.
  • The Letter of Acceptance includes the following:
      • A description of the terms of acceptance, including any other specific requirements and a statement that acceptances are contingent on receipt and review of the applicant's criminal background check, receipt of a final transcript with degree posted, meeting any and all deadlines and requirements for acceptance with notice that should an applicant fail to meet any and all requirements, the acceptance may be withdrawn
      • Information about deposits to hold a position in the class. Deposits received will be applied toward the first semester's tuition. Applicants withdrawing prior to April 30 may be eligible for a deposit refund
      • Information about financial aid
      • Information regarding campus assignment for the clinical years
  • The Letter is accompanied by: 
      • A copy of the University of Alabama School of Medicine's Technical Standards
      • An Offer of Acceptance Form containing a statement confirming that the applicant has read and understands the technical standards and accepts the terms of acceptance outlined in the acceptance letter

The original offer of acceptance form is to be dated, signed and returned to the admissions office to confirm the student's acceptance to the School of Medicine.

In some instances, applicants determined to be not acceptable for admission at this time may be notified that they will be given no further consideration for the entering class prior to final decisions.

All other applicants will remain under consideration until a selection committee meeting later in the season, during which the applicant may be offered an acceptance and will receive the communications noted above, or until final committee decisions are made in late March.

  • It is possible to interview early in the interview season and remain in this status for several months or not be notified of further action until final committee decisions are made.


Final Committee Decisions

Decisions by the Admissions Selection Committee are final and are not subject to further review or appeal.

The applicant is offered an acceptance and will receive the communication noted above.

Final letters of "no further consideration" for interviewed applicants are generally mailed in April after the class is filled and alternates are notified.

  • Thus, an applicant interviewed in early fall may wait until April to find out the final action taken on his/her application.
  • Applicants clearly evaluated as "not competitive for admissions at this time" may receive notification of "no further consideration" at any time after his/her interview.

Applicants are accepted from the alternate list usually from late April until the class matriculates in late July.

  • Alternates are not told their specific location on the list.
  • After the class has matriculated, those remaining on the alternate list are notified that they are no longer under consideration.


Admissions Committee Feedback

No progress report or status report will be given by the Admissions Office until final action has been taken and approved by the Assistant Dean for Admissions.
  • Applicants should not contact committee members to inquire how you did in your interviews—Committee members have been instructed to refer all inquiries to the Admissions Office.