We appreciate your interest in our school and encourage you to learn more about the range of clinical, educational, and research opportunities that make our medical center a creative and vibrant environment for medical students.

We are looking for applicants who have a demonstrated commitment to becoming physicians evidenced by maturing insights into the doctor-patient relationship and a passion for service developed through experiences in a medical setting and through hands on service and volunteer activities; a demonstrated capacity for critical thinking and passion for knowledge through research experiences and challenging academic coursework.

Our curriculum is structured for students to learn basic sciences in a clinically relevant context, teaching them to think comprehensively about organ function and diseases rather than simply memorize mountains of facts. Our organ-based modules are co-directed by basic scientists and clinicians. While class lectures remain important, equally important are faculty led problem-solving small-group discussions. Although this approach is highly demanding of faculty time, we believe it is a good investment in our students. Our curriculum actively promotes opportunities for scholarly activities and biomedical research with our diverse and outstanding faculty. Students’ clinical experiences begin the first week of school and our extensive clinical facilities offer a broad range of settings for clerkship and elective experiences.

UAB School of Medicine Admissions from UAB School of Medicine on Vimeo.