Our research enterprise focuses on health policy, epidemiology, health care outcomes, and the disparities that affect poor, minority, and disadvantaged communities across Alabama and around the world.

Residency & Fellowship Programs

We are committed to our trainees’ professional and personal growth, including developing their skills as team leaders and teachers, researchers, critical appraisers of evidence-based literature, and providing them with the skills to become advocates in patient safety and quality care.


Your support of medical scholarships can directly impact the future of these promising aspiring physicians and the quality of health care throughout our region. You can help more talented students realize their dreams of a career in medicine by easing their financial worries, allowing them to focus on their studies and clinical experiences.

Medical Education

The pursuit of excellence in medical education demands a balance between tradition and innovation. As biomedical science has evolved, so have the methods by which our students learn, bringing increased emphasis on problem-based learning, small group interaction, and the use of technology to augment – but never replace – the role of the highly skilled clinical educator.

Faculty Support

Our vision attracts world-class faculty to UAB, where they find an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

The School of Medicine seeks to grow our faculty over the next five years in strategic areas across our mission, while retaining our current outstanding physicians and scientists, many of whom are highly sought after by other institutions.