Medical scholarships meet a critical need in ensuring the supply of highly skilled and compassionate physicians for Alabama, the region, and the world. The increasing cost of providing our best and brightest students with a top-caliber medical education means tuition can become a major burden. This debt load – averaging $190,000 for graduating medical students – not only can make the medical school years difficult, but can influence a student’s choice of the medicine he or she will practice. For instance, it can lead a young person who feels called to primary care to choose a specialty in which the pay is higher, thus contributing to the already critical shortage of primary care physicians across Alabama.

Your support of medical scholarships can directly impact the future of these promising aspiring physicians and the quality of health care throughout our region. You can help more talented students realize their dreams of a career in medicine by easing their financial worries, allowing them to focus on their studies and clinical experiences.
Your gift can change everything – not only for the students who benefit, but for their future patients, too.

We’ve identified the following priority areas for scholarships:

• Need-based scholarships to relieve student debt
• Merit-based scholarships to reward student achievement
• Scholarships for underrepresented minority students
• Scholarships for students wishing to pursue primary care careers (more about supporting primary care scholarships)
• Scholarships for students at our regional campuses in Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa
• Scholarships for students with demonstrated interest in pursuing medicine in a rural community

Scholarships may be endowed, meaning the funds are invested and a portion of earnings used to fund an annual award, or sponsored, meaning current-use funds are spent outright each year to support a student.

Scholarships are named according to the donor’s wishes. Some donors choose to use their own names; others choose to name their endowed scholarship in honor or memory of a loved one.

Scholarship Gift Matching

Double your scholarship gift's impact.

Now is a great time to make a gift for medical scholarships because the School of Medicine Dean’s Office is matching scholarship gifts 1:1 through September 30, 2020, for these categories:

1) All gifts to the School of Medicine General Scholarship
2) All gifts to the School of Medicine Minority Medical Scholarship
3) All gifts to the Medical Alumni Association/Dean of Medicine Scholarship

Give Online

• School of Medicine General Scholarship Fund
• School of Medicine Minority Medical Scholarship Fund
• Medical Alumni Association/Dean of Medicine Scholarship Fund
• Give to other scholarship funds

For more on how you can support scholarships, contact:

Jessica Brooks Lane
(205) 975-4452


Discovery is at the core of our mission – it is the essential thread that weaves together the fabric of innovative research, world-class medical education, and first-rate health care.

Our basic scientists conduct studies at the cellular, molecular, genetic and systems level, leading to a better understanding of the mechanisms of disease. At the other end of the continuum, clinical research measures and tracks outcomes, applying ideas generated in the laboratory to improve the health and well-being of patients.

Translational science – the bridge between bench and bedside – is coordinated through the UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science, one of 60 such centers across the country funded by the National Institutes of Health.

And finally, our research enterprise focuses on health policy, epidemiology, health care outcomes, and the disparities that affect poor, minority, and disadvantaged communities across Alabama and around the world.

For more on how you can support research, contact:

Megann Bates Cain
(205) 934-7408

Residency & Fellowship Programs

In today’s world of ever-changing requirements for graduate medical education, we remain committed to preserving our core values of excellence in medicine: the highest degree of skill and clinical reasoning, the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, and the deepest respect for the patient as a person.

Our residency and fellowship programs are structured to provide a diverse clinical experience in inpatient and outpatient settings at four unique hospital sites in Birmingham – UAB Hospital, UAB Highlands, the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Children’s of Alabama – as well as on our regional campuses in Montgomery, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa. We also offer a family medicine residency program in Selma, in Alabama’s Black Belt.

We are committed to our trainees’ professional and personal growth, including developing their skills as team leaders and teachers, researchers, critical appraisers of evidence-based literature, and providing them with the skills to become advocates in patient safety and quality care.

Your gift to residency and fellowship programs will provide:
• Funds for residents and fellows to attend professional and scientific conferences
• Funds to support global/international educational experiences for residents and fellows
• Endowments to support residency and fellowship program directors, such as the Tinsley R. Harrison Endowed Chair in Medical Resident Education
• Doctoral and post-doctoral education in the Joint Health Sciences
• Flexible funds to be used at the discretion of the residency or fellowship program director to support emerging priorities

Your gift may be directed to a specific residency or fellowship program.

For more on how you can support training programs, contact:

Allison Tillotson
(205) 975-6182

Medical Education

The pursuit of excellence in medical education demands a balance between tradition and innovation. As biomedical science has evolved, so have the methods by which our students learn, bringing increased emphasis on problem-based learning, small group interaction, and the use of technology to augment – but never replace – the role of the highly skilled clinical educator.

We seek to enhance education across all platforms and programs with significant institutional and philanthropic investments in:

  • Simulation learning – using new technology in training to foster teamwork and skill-building
  • Improving and updating our classrooms and laboratories
  • Transformational naming opportunities – naming buildings, programs, endowments, and even naming the school itself
  • Strengthening service opportunities for our students and residents, such as through
  • Equal Access Birmingham, our student-run community-based clinic for Birmingham’s underserved population

For more on how you can support our education and training programs, contact:

Erica Hollins
(205) 996-6839

Faculty Support

In a little more than four decades, UAB has transformed from its modest beginnings as an extension center into a doctoral research university and academic medical center. And we have the same audacious vision that led our founders to dream big dreams: To educate, advance discovery, care for the sick, respond to the needs of our community and establish Alabama as a progressive economic center that can change the world.

That vision attracts world-class faculty to UAB, where they find an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

The School of Medicine seeks to grow our faculty over the next five years in strategic areas across our mission, while retaining our current outstanding physicians and scientists, many of whom are highly sought after by other institutions.

We are actively recruiting basic scientists who will discover the fundamental processes responsible for disease and identify possibilities for modifying these processes.

We are also actively seeking translational researchers who will help shape those possibilities into reality.

And we are invested in recruiting and retaining master teachers – those who have become legends among their students, and those who are the legends of tomorrow.

Gifts to support our faculty provide:

• Funds to assist with recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty
• Endowed chairs and professorships for senior faculty – a critical component for both recruitment and retention
• Research funding, such as pilot grants for junior faculty and bridge funding for faculty investigators
• Flexible funds to be used at the discretion of the dean

For more on how you can support our faculty, contact:

Megann Bates Cain
(205) 934-7408