Today, we face a global health paradox: in a world where technological advances in everything from cell phones to cellular microbiology have touched lives everywhere, there has never been as broad a divide in health status among disparate populations. The health challenges of our world are not small, but too often, our perspectives on these challenges have been too narrow.

Confined to discrete categories of geography, diseases and disciplines, our picture of world well-being has missed the very thing that would make global health, global – an integrative point of view that embraces a multidimensional vision of world health. However, we are confident that shared learning, collaborative solutions, and innovative action – designed and fulfilled through principled partnerships across sectors – can overcome inequities to make the world more healthy and more whole.


To make the UAB School of Medicine a transformative force in global health


The Global Health Initiative of the School of Medicine is committed to improving global health through educational, clinical, and developmental and research programs that link UAB faculty and students with colleagues across the globe to: 

  • Establish and facilitate research collaborations to address leading health challenges and fill high-priority knowledge gaps, and pilot models for experiential integrative learning.
  • Support the training of health care workers and researchers to combat global health disparities
  • Support students and faculty to work with underserved populations and in underserved regions
  • Promote long-term capacity building in health and health related sciences in low-resource areas
  • Attract outstanding individuals into global health related fields