The UAB Huntsville Internal Medicine Training Program is designed to provide broad based clinical training with an emphasis on academic medicine. One of the unique features of the program is the balance between inpatient and outpatient experiences. Second and third year residents enjoy an innovative schedule that allows focused exposure to both inpatient and ambulatory medicine. Residents on outpatient blocks benefit from close collaboration with university based and community based faculty. During these rotations residents build skills in outpatient diagnosis and treatment while managing diverse continuity practices. Residents on inpatient rotations enjoy graded responsibilities, with interns providing much of the direct patient care and second and third year residents assuming increased responsibility for teaching, supervision and mastery of medical knowledge. A strong ethic of collegiality and support pervades both ambulatory practices and inpatient teams.

Program Aims

We embrace the challenge of teaching internal medicine and providing cost effective and comprehensive medical care to a diverse population in Huntsville, Alabama. The goal of our program is to assist residents in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become outstanding and highly qualified internists capable of managing patients with a broad range of diseases. Our goals are multifaceted but include all of the following:

  • The UAB HRMC internal medicine residents will meet and exceed the standards set forth in the ACGME Core Competencies and ACGME Resident Milestones.
  • The UAB HRMC internal medicine residents will be provided with a consistently high quality and high yield educational (didactic and clinical) experience ensuring their success as an internist and preparing them to pass the ABIM Internal Medicine Board Examination.
  • For UAB HRMC internal medicine residents who desire subspecialty training or a career in academic medicine, the UAB HRMC internal medicine faculty will provide guidance in career development, fellowship applications and necessary scholarly activity to assist each resident in achieving their personal goals.
  • The UAB HRMC Internal Medicine Residency Program, Faculty and Staff, will encourage and maintain a friendly and “family’ environment, which we believe encourages personal growth, shared decision-making, professionalism, self-directed learning and a collegiality amongst each residency class.
  • The UAB HRMC Internal Medicine Residency Program, Faculty and Staff, will encourage resident well-being with frequent psychosocial “check-ins” and self-evaluations to encourage our residents to remain healthy and avoid burnout now or in the future.

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