The purposes of the Executive Committee are to assist the MEC Chair and Vice Chair in coordinating efforts among its subcommittees and task forces and provide consultation on overall direction and logistics of implementation. The Executive Committee will oversee the compilation and distribution of outcome data (e.g., USMLE results, advancement and graduation rates, etc.) that serve as indicators of educational program effectiveness. These data are presented on an annual basis to the MEC and distributed to others, including the Dean, Associate Deans for the regional campuses, Assistant Dean for Admissions, department chairs, course and clerkship directors, and the Student Promotions Committee. The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education will provide support for compiling these data.

Voting membership

  • MEC Chair (1)
  • MEC Vice Chair (1)
  • MEC Past Chair (1)
  • Preclinical Curriculum Subcommittee Chair (1)
  • Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee Chair (1)

Ex-officio, non-voting membership

  • Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education or her/his representative
  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education or her/his representative
  • Associate Dean for Students or her/his representative
  • One representative each from Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and Montgomery campuses, selected by their respective Deans


The Executive Committee will meet at least bi-monthly prior to the full MEC meeting and additionally as needed.

Consultative Role

The MEC Executive Committee will constitute an educational advisory committee to meet with and advise the Dean and the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education on global issues, financial aspects, and practical implications of implementing reform. This group will also assist in gaining support of departmental chairs, other relevant deans, Provost, and President.