The Module Directors Committee and the Clerkship Directors Committee are responsible for implementing the curriculum as reviewed, revised and approved by the MEC and for advising the MEC regarding academic initiatives or curricular changes under consideration. The Module Directors Committee assumes general responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the preclinical curriculum and, where possible, fosters integration among basic science disciplines and between basic and clinical sciences. Similarly the Clerkship Directors Committee serves the same function for the clinical curriculum. The Module Directors and Clerkship Directors Committees will conduct an annual joint retreat to discuss the horizontal and vertical integration of the curriculum.

These Committees, which meet monthly, are not part of the MEC but have representation on the MEC, as previously described. The MEC representatives serve as the primary information conduit between the Committees and the MEC, and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education facilitates communication between the Committees and between the Committees and the MEC. In addition, the Committees may interact with the Preclinical and Clinical Curriculum Subcommittees of the MEC as required.

Membership of these groups is restricted to the Directors and Co-directors of each module or clerkship, those with primary responsibilities for other critical elements of the curriculum but which are not core modules or clerkships (such as the Director of Pharmacology Education), and representatives from Office of Undergraduate Medical Education and Medical Student Services; other members are appointed at the discretion of the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education.