The primary responsibility of the Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee is to review, revise, and monitor the clinical curriculum, including the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course, junior clerkships, and senior courses (acting internships and electives) and, where possible, foster integration between basic and clinical sciences. The Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee will formally review the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course, each junior clerkship (all campuses), and each department’s senior courses at least once every four years. Courses or clerkships may be reviewed more than once in four years if recommended by the Subcommittee. Review reports, including recommendations, will be submitted to the MEC for approval. In years that a formal MEC review is not conducted, all materials used in the formal review will be collected and provided to course/clerkship directors and departmental representatives who will discuss these materials with student representatives, where possible, and provide an interim report to the Subcommittee, highlighting the impact of changes from the previous year. The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education will provide data collection and analysis support and evaluation consultation for these reviews. In addition, the Subcommittee will conduct an annual retreat with clerkship directors, departmental representatives and others to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the clinical curriculum.


The lengths of appointment are as follows: faculty (3 years) and students (1 year). All appointments are made by the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education.


The leadership will be provided by the Chair. Chair and Chair-elect serve two year terms.

Voting Membership

The voting membership will consist of 8-11 members, as follows:

  • Module Director (1)
  • Clerkship Director (1)
  • At-large faculty (4-6)
  • Student Representatives (2-3)

Ex-officio, non-voting membership

  • Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education or her/his representative
  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education or her/his representative
  • Associate Dean for Students or her/his representative
  • One representative each from Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and Montgomery campuses, selected by their respective Deans


This subcommittee will meet as needed.


Information concerning medical education activities, announcements concerning upcoming meetings and topics to be discussed, and minutes of this subcommittee’s meetings will be communicated electronically in a timely fashion to all voting and ex-officio non-voting members.


A quorum will consist of a simple majority of the voting members.


The Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee can appoint task forces to investigate particular issues, and, on the basis of information provided by a task force, recommendations to the Senior Associate Dean and Dean may be made. The Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee can appoint non-voting, ad hoc members when their expertise is needed. Proposals will be considered, and recommendations to approve or not approve will be voted on. Approval can be achieved by a simple majority of the voting member quorum that is present. Decisions reached by the Preclinical Curriculum Subcommittee will be forwarded directly to the MEC.