It is the mission of the UAB School of Medicine to provide an integrated, four-year curriculum of consistent training and mentoring in clinical skills and professionalism. To achieve this mission, the School of Medicine has created the Clinical Skills Scholars (CSS) Program, a group of clinical faculty selected for their excellence in teaching and clinical skills, who will teach and develop the UAB clinical skills program. Participants were chosen from a pool of candidates which included clinical faculty within the School of Medicine. The goal of the CSS program is to have a cadre of medical educators who teach in and continuously improve the clinical skills of medical students.

Clinical Skills Scholars are teaching in the existing clinical skills curriculum for first and second year medical students (Introduction to Clinical Medicine-ICM). Each Clinical Skills Scholar is assigned a group of six to seven 1st year students and six 2nd year students. Scholars spend one-half day per week engaged in a variety of activities including conducting small group teaching sessions on clinical skills with the students, providing supervision and mentorship to the students over the course of their two years in the ICM curriculum and other activities. They will also participate in review and development of the UAB SOM clinical skills curriculum as it expands into the 3rd and 4th years of medical school. They will also participate in faculty development and training sessions designed to standardize clinical skills teaching and evaluation.

SOM Clinical Skills Scholars 2014-2015

Scholar Name (Last, First) Department/Division
Arguello, Carlos Med/Endocrine
Barnett, Michael Med/Ger-Palliative
Bearden, Donna Med/Geriatrics
Brown, Todd Med/Cardiology
Burnett, Lee Rad Onc
Contratto, Erin Med/GIM
DeLaney, Matthew Emerg Med
Estrada, Carlos Med/GIM
Hale, Heath Fam Med
Hale, Jenn Fam Med/Hosp
Halli-Tierney, Anne Med/Geriatrics
Harada, Caroline Med/Ger-Palliative
Hays, Clare Med/Geriatrics
Heudebert, Gustavo Public Health/Medical Education
Hicks, Marquita Emerg Med
Jain, Guarav Med/Nephrology
Kynerd, Robert Fam Med
Leon, Kevin Med/Pulm
Lyerly, Michael Neurology
Marzullo, Laurie Peds/Emerg Med
Massie, Stan Med/GIM
Mehta, Shika Med/Nephrology
Peterson, Todd Emerg Med
Rodriguez, Martin Med/ID
Seghatol, Frank Med/Cardiology
Shaneyfelt, Terry Med/GIM
Sung, Victor Neuro
Trojanowski, Martin Med/Rheum
Vaughan, Brooks Med/Endocrine
Walter, Lauren Emerg Med
Woods, John OB/GYN
Yacoubian, Talene Neurology