Class Entering 2017

Return your acceptance form and fee

Due: April 30 (or within 2 weeks of acceptance, after April 30)

Complete the Criminal Background Check      

Due: April 30 (or within 2 weeks of acceptance, after April 30)

  • Instructions will be emailed from

Get a BlazerID and create a UAB email account.

Due: ASAP to access other checklist items

  • Note: It can take 24-48 hours for a new BlazerID and password to register in the UAB system. 

Review the immunization and health records you need.

Due: July 1 (MSTP students: June 1)

  • All immunization and medical clearance is handled through UAB Student Health.
  • Log into the Student Health Patient Portal (using your BlazerID), to upload your immunizations. 
  • A list of immunizations can be found on the Patient portal, and instructions for uploading will be posted soon.
  • If you have questions about immunizations and health records, email Student Health Clearance, or call 205.975.7753.

Complete Medical Insurance Forms

Due: July 1 (MSTP students: June 1)

  • All UABSOM students are required to have health insurance. (MSTP students should see specific instructions emailed to them by the MSTP office)
  • READ THIS FIRST! Instructions for submitting documentation are here
  • You can access the Clinical Health History & Immunization Record by clicking here
  • If you need UAB student insurance: Verify your address and click to purchase. Complete the VIVA Health Insurance Application and email it to the UAB Student Health Insurance Coordinator. You don't need to send payment. Your student account will be charged.
  • If you have insurance already: Click here to sign the waiver (if you have health insurance). 
  • If you have dental insurance already: complete the Dental Insurance waiver

Send your transcript to the UAB School of Medicine Admissions Office

Due: July 1 (MSTP students: June 1)

  • Must be an Official Final Transcript with degree posted.
  • Must be a paper transcript. 
  • Must be mailed from your school's Registrar's Office to the UABSOM Admissions Office.
  • You can confirm receipt of the transcript by visiting the Secondary Application Page.

Complete Three Learning Style Assessments

Due: July 23, 2017

  • The Academic Success Team uses the VARK learning modalities, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Health Professionals (MBTI), and Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) to help inform customized academic advising and programming. These learning style assessments will be useful for self-discovery as well as forming specific strategies to help with adapting to medical school.
  • You will receive results for LASSI and VARK immediately upon completion and your MBTI results will be distributed during Patient Doctor and Society.
  • It will take approximately one hour to complete all three assessments. You can complete all three at once or spread them out over a couple of days if you wish.
  • Check your UAB email address for the direct links to access the assessments.
  • Questions? Email Maija Braaten at

Complete HIPPA Training

Due: July 24, 2017

Complete IMPACT Training

Due: July 24, 2017

Complete Department of Veterans Affairs New Trainee Orientation

  • Print and complete all required documents on the VA Web site
  • Print and follow the TMS Instructions for Self-Registration then complete the mandatory training, print the certification of completion, sign all forms, and be fingerprinted.
  • Mail entire completed packet to: Education Service (14), Birmingham VAMC, Medical Students Training, 700 South 19th Street, Birmingham, AL 35233.
  • Arrive on one of these days or times to be fingerprinted:
    • Monday, July 31 from 8:00am – 3:30pm
    • Wednesday, Aug 2 from 12:00pm – 3:30pm
    • Monday, Aug 14 from 8:00am - 3:30pm
    • Tuesday, Aug 15 from 12:00pm - 3:00pm
    • Two forms of government-issued identification are required. (A UAB photo ID will NOT be accepted).
    • In the main building of the VA medical center, take the elevators to the 2nd floor and follow the signs to HR. Fingerprinting is in room 2208.

  • For help with Trainee Orientation, contact Nia Newton at (205) 933-8101 ext. 4925 or Shannon Ayers (205) 933-8101 ext. 6736 if you need assistance.
  • For help with fingerprinting, contact Moses Patterson at (205) 933-8101, ext. 4516 or Pat Jones at (205) 933-8101, ext. 5958.