While no one could have foreseen a virus to sweep the globe in 2020, UAB was ahead of the game. Our researchers already had crucial elements of a response in place that would draw attention from around the world. On March 25, 2020, only a few days after UAB entered its Limited Business Model in response to the spreading pandemic, the School of Medicine and Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute released a request for applications for emergency COVID-19 funding. Five days later, the review committee had 52 applications in hand.

The Urgent COVID-19 Clinical Research and Laboratory Research Fund asked interested applicants to urgently consider how they could contribute to treating a never-before-seen virus. Within 30 days, 14 of the 52 applications had been selected for funding—one of the fastest turn-around times to date. Below you can learn more about these 14 projects and see how UAB researchers are contributing to the fight against COVID-19.