The Heersink School of Medicine offers adequate space for all its research activities with a progressive 5-year plan to renovateolder space and complete construction of new facilities.Space is assigned based on programmatic need and a faculty member’s specific research within school-wide metrics.Policies are in place to support each investigator and all laboratory personnel employed for research. Wet and computational laboratory space is available, and we take into account the various needs of investigators to make sure space is appropriately allotted. Our process is transparent and equitable, with appropriate adjustments made for specific circumstances such as start-up funds for junior faculty or equipment which requires specific space needs. With space available across campus, our diverse research enterprise can meet the needs of your laboratory.


Biomedical research is significantly supported within the School of Medicine, and we know laboratories cannot complete successful research alone. Core research facilities offer state-of-the-art equipment, expertise, and instrumentation to support innovative research. The UAB Institutional Core Programhas 15 cores that offer a wide variety of services. The Institutional Research Core Program was created to promote the development and operation of outstanding Core facilities that can serve the needs of UAB investigators.The program assists in developing sound business plans, preparing and implementing robust standard operating and quality assurance procedures, providing customer-focused service to facilitate the advancement of research and scholarship, and assisting in maintaining the financial stability of the Core.