Resident / Clinical Teaching Skills Programs

APGO Resident Educators / Faculty Educators: Recommendations for Educational Excellence

Description: An online resident training and faculty development program for teaching faculty and resident to excel as educators, co-sponsored by CREOG and APGO. The complete REFEREE program is designed to provide faculty and residents with the instructional materials and resources needed to conduct and administer learning and assessment activities at their institutions.

University of California, Irvine, College of Medicine

Description: This is an interdisciplinary -service learning project for primary care resident physicians at the UCI. This longitudinal teaching skills program for generalist residents can be conducted by residency faculty in about 15 hours, primarily during one-hour conferences. During each session, interdisciplinary groups of residents discuss teaching skills and actively practice the skills in pairs or trios. Each resident teaches "standardized learners" (portrayed by classmates using teaching cases) for approximately ten minutes per session, and then receives feedback using checklists based on the Stanford Faculty Development Program.

Bringing Education & Service Together (BEST) Programs
(Available through MedEdPORTAL)
Morrison E. Bringing Education and Service Together (BEST): Resident Physicians' Curriculum in Clinical Teaching Skills. MedEdPORTAL; 2005. Available from:

Description: (requires a guest log-in for limited access; a subscription may be purchased for full access): These competency modules take less than 30 minutes to complete-some as little as 15 minutes. Each module is available in four different formats: print, CD, web, or PDA. In this course, faculty will provide you with tips on a wide range of topics, from giving effective feedback to overcoming teaching challenges faced by physicians.

GME Today: Physicians as Teachers

The Faculty Development unit of the London Deanery

Description: This public website developed by the London Deanery provides a single point of access to a range of development opportunities for its educational network.

Professional Development for Clinical Teachers

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Clinical Teaching Made Easy - British Journal of Hospital Medicine series 2009

Clinical teaching made easy covers the essentials of workplace-based teaching and training. Clinical teaching made easy is based on London Deanery's successful suite of e-learning modules for clinical teachers.

Article 1 - 'Teaching the teachers: no longer an optional extra ' , Professor T Swanwick.

Article 2 - 'Giving effective feedback ' , Professor J McKimm.

Article 3 - 'Supervision ' , Dr H Halpern & Professor J McKimm.

Article 4 - 'Workplace-based assessment ' , Professor T Swanwick & Dr Nav Chana

Article 5 - 'Assessing learning needs ' , Professor J McKimm & Professor T Swanwick

Article 6 - 'Setting learning objectives ' , Professor J McKimm & Professor T Swanwick

Article 7 - 'Improve your lecturing ' , Professor J McKimm & Mr S Held

Article 8 - 'Managing the appraisal ' , Professor J McKimm & Mr D Parkin

Article 9 - 'Careers support ' , Dr C Elton

Article 10 - 'Small group teaching ', Professor J McKimm & Mrs C Morris

Article 11 - 'Curriculum and course design ' , Professor J McKimm & Dr M Barrow

Article 12 - 'E-learning in clinical teaching ', Profesor J McKimm & Dr I Doherty

Article 13 - 'Facilitating learning in the workplace ' , Mrs C Morris

Article 14 - ' Mentoring ', Professor J McKimm & Dr R Viney

Article 15 - 'Professional development for medical educators ' , Professor J McKimm & Professor T Swanwick

Article 16 - 'Assuring and maintaining quality in clinical education ' , Professor J McKimm & Dr M Barrow


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