Role Modeling & Professionalism

You serve as a role model for your learner and this is a very powerful teaching tool. In role modeling you impart your knowledge, skills, and values to medical students and your peers. Unfortunately, the negative behavior that you may display makes a much larger impression on your learners than the positive ones. Therefore, you must carefully analyze your performance and try to improve on the behavior you are modeling for your learners.

What Makes an Effective Role Model?

  • Clinical competence - knowledge, skills, communication, sound clinical reasoning, decision-making
  • Teaching skills - effective communication, feedback, opportunities to reflect of situations
  • Personal qualities - compassion, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm for practice and teaching, and a quest for excellence

Personal qualities encompass professionalism. As one of the ACGME core competences, professionalism is defined as a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles, and sensitively to a diverse patient population.


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