Application Process

The application process for 2018 will begin in early January 2018.  
This is referred to as the 2019 Application because the selected RMP students will matriculate into UAB School of Medicine in 2019 after spending the 2018-19 academic year studying at Auburn University.

Exact dates have not yet been determined, but in general, the application season is from early January to mid-March.  
Notification of selection for interview is around May 1st with interviews in Huntsville about the 3rd week of May.  
Notification of acceptance is around the second week of June with classes beginning at Auburn in mid-August.
Check back in January 2018 to access the application and see the exact dates.

To be eligible for RMP a student must:  
    1. Meet all minimum requirements for consideration for regular admission at the School of Medicine
    2. Be a legal resident of the state of Alabama
    3. Have lived in a rural area of Alabama for no less than eight years
    4. Intend to practice Family Medicine or Primary Care in a rural community or small town in Alabama

“Rural” Defined
The term "rural" in the context of the RMP is defined as any non urban area of Alabama. This broadly includes any area outside the metropolitan areas of Birmingham, Dothan, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile.  Some parts of the state are both rural and urban so occasionally questions arise about whether an area qualifies as rural. If you are unsure if the location where you grew up meets the criteria for the RMP, please contact us.


For More Information, contact:

Paula Clawson
        Phone: 256-551-4609

David Bramm, M.D.
        Phone: 256-551-4609