The base year for completion of the database is the 2012-2013 academic year.  

The site visit is in 2013-2014.  As such, appropriate links to the 2013-2014 site visit standards, database questions, and self-study questions are provided below:

  • LCME 2013-2014 "Institutional Self-Study Guide": This guide contains the self-study questions for each group of standards.  Responses to the self-study questions are based upon an analysis of the database and may encompass more than one standard in the database.

  • SOM LCME SharePoint site (Blazer ID login): The SOM LCME SharePoint site is used to host some data and information resources that may be made available to all LCME members. Other data an informational resources may become available outside of the site and in working with specific committees and subcommittees.

Additional LCME resources for re-accreditation:  LCME SurveyConnect site