Medical School: University of Louisville
Residency: Internal Medicine, UAB
Fellowship: Infectious Diseases, UAB


I am Associate Dean for Global Health in the School of Medicine, Director of the UAB Center for AIDS Research and a Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases. I am also the principal investigator of the CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS), an NIAID-funded National Network of EMR-collected clinical data at 8 CFAR centers that are merged for the purposes of clinical research. I am the founding director of the UAB 1917 HIV Clinic, which has pioneered treatment programs based on real world clinical trials and studies focused on quality improvement in the area of HIV. I serve as Co-PI of the NA-ACCORD, an international collaboration of more than 30 sites that merge data for comparative effectiveness research, and also serve on the Executive Steering Committee of the ART-CC, an international cohort research group. I have served on the Board of Directors of the American Board of Internal Medicine (and as Chair of the Infectious Disease Subspecialty Board) and the NIH Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council. I am past President of the HIV Medical Association, a member of the IAS-USA Guidelines Panel on Antiretroviral Therapy, a Co-Chair of the AASLD/IDSA/IAS-USA HCV Treatment Guidelines group, and serve on numerous state, local, and national committees. I am Co-Editor of the Sanford Guide for Antimicrobial Therapy and the Sanford HIV Guide and the Sanford Hepatitis Guide.  I have had over 25 trainees who have gone on to successful academic careers and I have published over 380 manuscripts during the course of my career. In 1996, I was listed as one of the top ten cited HIV researchers by Science (1996) and received four Argus Awards for Best Lectures to the 1st year medical student at UAB (2009-10,2013,2015). In 2014 I was selected as the Castle-Connelly Physician of the year and was inducted into the Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame. In 2014, I published my memoir “Positive: One Doctors encounters with Death, Life, and the US Healthcare System.”  (


Mike Saag, MD (Infectious Diseases) won the 2016 Ernest Cotlove Award from the Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists for outstanding contributions to the science of laboratory medicine

RECENT ARTICLES (selected from 380 publications)

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