Professor of Medicine
Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Director, Gastroenterology/Hepatology Clinical Research Program


Address: 1825 University Blvd.
Shelby Bldg, room 613
Birmingham, AL 35294-0005
Telephone: (205) 996-9928
FAX: (205) 996-9113






BS, Boston University 
MD, Boston University
Fellowship (Gastroenterology), Johns Hopkins University
Research Fellowship (Gastrointestinal disorders), Duke University

Research Interests

Dr. Mannon's research in inflammatory bowel diseases is heavily translational and focuses on defining immune response variables with important biological plausibility for disease pathogenesis (e.g. excess production of effector cytokines and cognate receptor expression and signaling) that are also suitable candidates for biomarker status of disease activity, can predict response to treatment and serve as novel targets for clinical interventions.  Currently my lab is working on exploiting the dysregulation of the IL-13 pathway in ulcerative colitis to define endotypes that predict response to therapy and link more closely to genetic disease susceptibility loci, examining the molecular basis for shared TCR responsiveness to immunodominant antigens in Crohn’s disease, and examing the role of the microbiome in linking inflammatory bowel disease to metabolic disease.