Whether it is a condo downtown within walking distance to UAB or home in one of many beautiful neighborhoods, Birmingham has numerous affordable housing options that are all a short drive away from UAB.  Here are a couple of examples of where our residents live and what they had to say about their neighborhoods.


  • Drive to work: 15-20 minutes
  • Housing options: Home for rent or purchase, apartments for rent
  • Why Sarah French picked it: Proximity to everything. It’s easy to get to Downtown, Hoover, any shopping center or park. It also has good schools, is safe, and the housing options are a little more spacious than other neighborhoods. It’s just really beautiful.

Mountain Brook

  • Drive to work: 5 minutes but can be up to 20 minutes or so depending on where you live within the suburb
  • Housing options: Home for rent or purchase
  • Why Jori May picked it: You get the quite life of a suburb but can still be in the heart of downtown in 5-10 minutes.  It’s divided into smaller “villages” that all have restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance.  The neighbourhood is a little more expensive, but the school systems are top-notch and you are close to some really great amenities.


  • Drive to work: about 10 mins without traffic, 15-20 minutes with traffic
  • Housing options: All options!  Several affordable apartment complexes and a couple new or remodeled complexes, a few new pricey condos, and homes for rent or sale
  • Why Amanda Brito picked it: Many homes and apartments near Edgewood, Downtown Homewood, and Soho are walking distance to restaurants Little Donkey, Steel City Pops, Octane, Taco Mama, New York Pizza, Saws BBQ, Dreamcakes, shops, and Homewood Park and Rec Center. It's also very family friendly. Great schools like Edgewood and Shades Cahaba. And the Homewood Rec Center is affordable, with a gym and a pool with splash park for kids.


  • Drive to work: 2-5 minutes
  • Housing options: Apartments, lofts, condos
  • Why Liv Brown picked it: As an intern I wanted to be close to work as my mornings started pretty early! I also loved being close to all of the neighborhoods downtown of course, 10 minutes or so from Homewood, 5 minutes from Avondale. I could also walk to regions field and railroad park which was nice. My apartment building had a gym and a pool which was really nice for my days off! 


  • Drive to work: 7 minutes if before 7 AM; 10 - 15 minutes if after 7 AM.
  • Housing options: Crestwood is all houses. Crestwood North is mostly 1930s bungalows mostly updated, and Crestwood South is mostly 1950s-1960s ranch-style homes, most of which have also been updated. More of them are for sale than for rent, but there are some for rent. 
  • Why Paul Fitzmorris picked it: We liked that the neighborhood had a lot of young people tons of residents, young attendings, and new families. There is a nice park in the neighborhood with playground, track and tennis courts. The neighborhood is near the thriving Avondale neighborhood with all its restaurants, Avondale brewery, and Cahaba brewery. It's affordable and has an easy and quick commute to UAB.


  • Drive to work: 5-7 minutes
  • Housing options: Mostly historic apartments/condos many quite nicely updated and large, historic homes. Fewer young-family-type homes available for sale, though but lots of rental options.
  • Why Will Benton picked it: I love Highlands!  It’s beautiful, with lots of curvy streets, huge trees, and 5 parks within easy walking distance of my apartment. It’s a friendly place to walk, run, or bike, and there are always other folks doing the same.  Rojo, a fun Mexican restaurant, is a block away from my apartment, and the Lakeview district with great restaurants like Five, Slice, Babalu is about half a mile away.