Here at UAB, our internal medicine residency program is committed to the well-being of every trainee. At the program level, we have numerous events to stay connected to each other and to the community, and we are actively involved in solving problems that contribute to frustration and burnout.

At the Department of Medicine level, our Senior Advisor and Director for Wellness John Kennedy addresses wellness in a holistic fashion, focusing attention on physical, psychological and professional factors that promote well-being and resilience and mitigate burnout. Dr. Kennedy also liaises with other campus offices and organizations to help emphasize the importance of wellness.

One of the most important wellness initiatives in the School of Medicine is the Well-Being Index, a periodic survey to help faculty and trainees both monitor and improve their daily well-being. This subscription is made possible through the leadership of UAB's inaugural Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. David Rogers, and is administrated through his office. Other online and in-person support resources are also available: 

The Internal Medicine Resident Wellness Committee has also responded to resident feedback to implement measure that keep trainees happier, healthier, and safer, such as: 

  • Food is provided at noon conference every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Residents receive a 60% discount in the cafeteria for additional food purchases.
  • Taxis are provided to shuttle a resident safely home after a 24-hour hospital shift.