Friday, February 22 | 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. | Finley Conference Center

Please join us for the Informatics Institute PowerTalk Seminar Series-Bioinformatics with Elliot Lefkowtiz,Ph.D., professor in the Department of Microbiology, director of Informatics, Center for Clinical and Translational Science, director of Molecular and Genetic Bioinformatics Facility, Center for AIDS Research and director of Bioinformatics Core, Microbiome Facility. The seminar is titled "Keeping the ‘Bio’ in Bioinformatics: Optimizing Analytical Approaches to Support Biological Understanding."

Abstract: The data we work with, and the analyses we perform are exceedingly complex. How do we know when we have obtained the correct answer? How do we even know what the correct answer is? How do we know when we screwed up, and how do we know when we could have done better? These questions must be asked at the onset of any research project and the answers (or at least the path we take to finding the answers) must be an integral part of our overall research plan. This is especially true for bioinformatics, given the ease at which errors may result from the analysis of the large, complex datasets we work with, and the difficulty in determining the best approach to use for analysis. I will talk about our research collaboration with the UAB Division of Infectious Diseases, to develop more refined, validated analytical methods to help better understand the development and progression of bacterial vaginosis in woman. Our goal is to more accurately assess the microbial population of the vaginal tract and the chain of events leading to the dysbiosis of this population and the development of disease.

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