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Transplant Hope

When Hannah Cornelius’ son, Deason, was born, the possibility of him ever needing an organ transplant never entered her mind. But when he began exhibiting symptoms of liver failure at the age of 3, it became a serious reality. “Deason was the healthiest, most energetic child, and then in the matter of one week, he was so very sick and in the hospital,” says Cornelius.

Dr Burel Goodin: RCMAR Research Review, April 2015 from RCMAR Coordinating Center on Vimeo.

Deep South Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR) pilot grant awardee Burel Goodin, PhD presented his research on “The Effects Of Aging On Sleep And Experimental Models Of Endogenous Pain Processing: Differences By Ethnic/Racial Background” at RCMAR annual meeting in Davis, CA, in April 2016.

By Morgan TerryTiffany Carson smaller

It wasn’t until Tiffany Carson, PhD, MPH, returned home to her native Birmingham that she realized her greatest potential. Dr. Carson earned her Bachelor’s degree in biology at Florida State University in 2002, and in 2005 she received her Master’s degree in public health and epidemiology from UAB.


By Dan Carsen

HIV-prevention researcher Dr. Comfort Enah
Courtesy of Steve Wood, UAB Creative Group

HIV was once considered an urban problem. Now, parts of the rural South — where the stigma is strong but health resources and education are not – has some of the highest rates in the nation.