Dennis R. Burton, Ph.D.

            Chairman, Department of Immunology & Microbial Science
The Scripps Research Institute

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Volker Hall, Lecture Room B
1670 University Boulevard

Reception to follow in the Bevill Biomedical Research Building
170 Lobby
845 19th Street South

Dennis Burton, Chairman of the Department of Immunology & Microbial Science in The Scripps Research Institute, has been a PI on NIH grants (RO1, R21, PO1) since 1991, having moved from the UK to the USA in 1989. He has worked on antibodies for some 35 years and on HIV for 20 years. He has co-authored 270 primary research papers, 70 peer-reviewed research reviews, 15 commentaries and letters, 45 book chapters and 2 textbooks. Of note, of the primary publications, 10 are in Science, 10 are in Nature, 4 are in Nature Medicine and 2 are in Immunity. For a 20-year period, his laboratory has maintained a position amongst the leaders in the exploration of antibodies and HIV and significance for vaccine design. He has pioneered studies on antibody protection against HIV/SHIV challenge in animal models. In particular, he first described a broadly neutralizing antibody to HIV (b12) (Burton et al, 1994), then antibody protection against primary isolate challenge in vivo (Gauduin et al, 1997), showed the importance of Fc receptor binding in antibody protection against HIV (Hessell et al, 2007), showed less antibody is required to protect against HIV than high-dose viral challenge (Hessell et al, 2009) and described highly potent broadly neutralizing antibodies (PG9/16 and PGT Abs to HIV (Walker et al, 2009; Walker et al, 2011).

Bertram M. Marx Endowment

Bertram M. Marx Endowment Edgar and Margot Marx established an endowment to support the Bertram M. Marx Graduate Student Research Grants Program, which has been active since 1982. Each year, two graduate students interested in cancer research are selected by the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s internal committee to receive these awards. To further honor the memory of Edgar’s father, Edgar and Margot established the Bertram M. Marx Lectureship in 1985. The lectureship, which is hosted by the UAB Department of Microbiology, supports annual visits to the UAB campus by scientists noted for their work examining the basic biology of cancer as well as the impact of infection, inflammation and immune regulation on the development and progression of cancer and other chronic diseases. The Marx Lectures are given by top leaders in their respective fields and have included Nobel Laureates and members of the US National Academy of Sciences. See the list of prior Marx Lecturers.
The Department of Microbiology and the whole UAB research community are deeply grateful to the Marx family for their continued generosity in providing resources to bring truly outstanding scientists to Birmingham and UAB.