Immunology Faculty

  • Botta, Davide, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Innate and adaptive immunity in lung disease and infection; cellular metabolism and oxidative stress in cancer, respiratory diseases, and parasitic diseases

  • Burrows, Peter, Ph.D.

    burrowsProfessor Emeritus
    Areas of Interest
    B lymphocyte development and function

  • Chaplin, David, M.D., Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Interplay between innate and adaptive immunity in asthmatic inflammation

  • Deshpande, Ashlesha, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Protein structural biology and biochemistry, and study the role of cytokines in autoimmune disease

  • Foote, Jeremy, DVM, PhD

    Photo Not AvailableAssistant Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Evaluating the Roles of B cells and Antibody in Pancreatic Cancer Progression

  • Glasgow, Joel, Ph.D.

    glasgowAssistant Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Gene therapy, adenovirus, vector targeting

  • Hu, Hui, Ph.D.

    huAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Transcriptional regulation of adaptive immunity

  • Justement, Louis, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Elucidation of molecular mechanisms that control B cell class switching and terminal differentiation

  • Kabarowski, Janusz, Ph.D.

    kabarowskiAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Lipids and lipoprotein metabolism in chronic inflammatory disease

  • Kamata, Masakazu, Ph.D.

    Kamata, MasakazuAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    How viruses or malignant cells establish and maintain prolonged infections or uncontrolled cell division

  • Kearney, John, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of a diverse B cell repertoire

  • King, Rodney, Ph.D.

    kingAssistant Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Development and maintenance of humoral immunity

  • Klug, Christopher, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Hematopoietic stem cell biology, acute leukemia, and pancreatic cancer

  • Leon-Ruiz, Beatriz, Ph.D.

    leon ruizAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Dendritic cells in controlling Th2 polarization in allergy and immunity

  • Lund, Frances, Ph.D.

    lundProfessor and Chair
    Areas of Interest
    B lymphocytes in infection, allergy and autoimmune disease; regulation of inflammation, oxidative stress and metabolic fitness

  • Mestecky, Jiri M.D., Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Mucosal immunity, vaccines

  • Michalek, Suzanne, Ph.D.

    michalekProfessor Emeritus
    Areas of Interest
    Immunological mechanisms involved in host/microbial interactions, and development of mucosal vaccines against infectious agents

  • Moldoveanu, Zina, Ph.D.

    Photo Not AvailableProfessor

  • Novak, Jan, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Pathogenesis and treatments of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, cancer; IgA nephropathy; mucosal immunology; biomarkers

  • Orihuela, Carlos, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Host-pathogen interactions for development of invasive pneumococcal disease

  • Rosenberg, Alexander, Ph.D.

    rosenbergAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Bioinformatics; B cell repertoire sequencing; data visualization

  • Tse, Hubert, Ph.D.

    tseAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    The role of oxidative stress on autoimmune Type 1 diabetes

  • Ubil, Eric, PhD

    Ubil websiteAssistant Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Cancer immunology; understanding how tumor secretions can inhibit the innate immune response and identifying therapies to restore anti-cancer immune activity

  • Walter, Mark, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Structure, biochemistry, and function of cytokines involved in viral pathogenesis and autoimmunity

  • Weinmann, Amy, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Molecular mechanisms that regulate T cell differentiation

  • Zajac, Allan, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Anti-viral immunity; T cell responses; immunological memory

  • Zumaquero Martinez, Esther, Ph.D.

    zumaquero martinezInstructor