Structural Biology Faculty

  • Deshpande, Ashlesha, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Protein structural biology and biochemistry, and study the role of cytokines in autoimmune disease

  • Dokland, Terje, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Structural biology of viral assembly and bacterial pathogenicity

  • Green, Todd, Ph.D.

    greenAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Viral transcription and replication, capsid structure

  • Niederweis, Michael, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Novel proteins in the outer membrane of mycobacteria: functions, structures, role in tuberculosis and applications

  • Novak, Jan, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Pathogenesis and treatments of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, cancer; IgA nephropathy; mucosal immunology; biomarkers

  • Prevelige, Peter, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Structural biology of viral assembly and infection

  • Saad, Jamil, Ph.D.

    saadAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    HIV-host interactions and Fas-mediated apoptosis

  • Walter, Mark, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Structure, biochemistry, and function of cytokines involved in viral pathogenesis and autoimmunity