Virology & Structural Biology Faculty

  • Coleman, Carrie, Ph.D.

    coleman 3x2Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Understand the mechanisms used by the oncogenic human gamma-herpesvirus Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), to establish and maintain a life-long latent infection and how dysregulation of this long-term infection can lead to the development of malignancies

  • Dokland, Terje, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Structural biology of viral assembly and bacterial pathogenicity

  • Frolov, Ilya, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Alphavirus genome replication and particle assembly

  • Frolova, Elena, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Virus-host interaction, virus replication

  • Glasgow, Joel, Ph.D.

    glasgowAssistant Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Gene therapy, adenovirus, vector targeting

  • Green, Todd, Ph.D.

    greenAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Viral transcription and replication, capsid structure

  • Lefkowitz, Elliot, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Microbial genomics and evolution; The microbiome and disease; Bioinformatics

  • Lennemann, Nicholas, Ph.D.

    Photo Not AvailableAssistant Professor
    Areas of Interest 
    RNA virus manipulation of the host cell

  • Lund, Frances, Ph.D.

    lundProfessor and Chair
    Areas of Interest
    B lymphocytes in infection, allergy and autoimmune disease; regulation of inflammation, oxidative stress and metabolic fitness

  • Luo, Guangxiang, M.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Hepatitis viruses and flaviviruses

  • Novak, Jan, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Pathogenesis and treatments of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, cancer; IgA nephropathy; mucosal immunology; biomarkers

  • Prevelige, Peter, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Structural biology of viral assembly and infection

  • Saad, Jamil, Ph.D.

    saadAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    HIV-host interactions and Fas-mediated apoptosis

  • Thompson, Sunnie, Ph.D.

    thompsonAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    Translation initiation and replication of RNA viruses

  • Tse, Hubert, Ph.D.

    tseAssociate Professor
    Areas of Interest
    The role of oxidative stress on autoimmune Type 1 diabetes

  • Zajac, Allan, Ph.D.

    Areas of Interest
    Anti-viral immunity; T cell responses; immunological memory