Where: BBRB 170 

      2016-2017  Seminar Series      

 When: Tuesdays at Noon

 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 September 6

Carolyn Coyne,Ph.D.  University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine George Luo research  combines important aspects of virology, immunology, and cell biology to dissect various aspects of host-virus interactions, with a particular interest in polarized cell types  Antiviral Signaling at the Maternal-Fetal Interface 
September 13 Avinash Bhandoola, Ph.D. Laboratory of Genome Integrity, CCR, National Cancer Institute Hui Hu transcription factors that establish and maintain T cell identity; T cell regeneration and bone marrow transplantation; thymic epithelial cells 

Bhandoola Lab           Publications
T Cell Doppelgangers: The Transcriptional Basis of Innate Lymphocyte Developement" 
September 20 Pengfei Wang, Ph.D.   Department of Chemistry, Univeristy of Alabama at Birmingham
Department of Chemsitry, UniversityofAlabama at Birmingham  
 John Kearney  development of photolabile protecting groups (PPGs), application of PPGs in synthesis, light-responsive smart materials, controlled release of biologically importnant compunds, and light-activated anticancer prodrugs, carbohydrate-based vacccines. "Chemical Synthesis of Carbohydrates and Development of Saponin-Based Vaccine Adjuvants" 
September 27
Robert Britton, Ph.D.  Baylor College of Medicine  Michael Gray the role of the microbiome in human health, with a focus on C.difficile pathogenesis and probiotic bacteria

Britton Lab — Publications 
Diet Driven Evolultion of Epidemic Strains of an Enteric Pathogen 

 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 October 4
Richard S. Blumberg M.D.  Brigham Research Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital Jiri Mestecky   Publications "The Critical Role of Innate Immune Pathways in ER Stress Induced Intestinal Inflammation"  
October 11  Timothy Sellati, PhD  Southern Research Institute Jamil Saad  One interest of the Sellati laboratory is innate immune mechanisms that dictate the severity and duration of inflammatory responses to human bacterial pathogens"   "cAMP-mediated epigentic regulation of IL-10 determines Lyme arthritis susceptibility"
October 18  Cathryn Nagler, Ph.D.
 The University of Chicago
 Preeyam Patel Lab
"Commensal Bacteria Regulate Allergic Sensitization to Food" 
October 25
Rodney King, PhD Department of Microbiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham John Kearney, PhD My research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved the generation and maintenance of humoral immunity.  "The Clonal Development of a Natural Antibody Repertoire: Environmental Influences and Immunological Consequences" 

 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 November 1

 ChadSteele, Ph.D. School of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & CriticalCareun John Kearney   understanding innate and adaptive immune responses against opportunistic infections and fungal pathoges that cuse life-threatening lung infections "Lung Defense Against Invasive Fungal Infection" 
November 8  Kevin Harrod, Ph.D.  UAB School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperatve Medicine Jamil Saad   Dr. Harrod's research goals are grounded in the use of emerging or high throughput technologies to elucidate system-wide knowledge of host-pathogen interactions in respiratory infection. "Novel Interactions in Influenza Pathogenesis: Targeting the Host Response"  
November 15 Daniel Goldberg, M.D., Ph.D. Div of Infectious Diseases, Washington Univ St. Louis and HHMI David Chaplin  malaria pathogenesis with special emphasis on how the organism uses hemoglobin in its life cycle 

 "Intraerythrocytic Malaria Parasites: Getting things To and Fromm the Host Cell:
November 22
Tuesday before Thanksgiving        
November 29 Miles Wilkinson, Ph.D. Department of Reproductive Medicine, UCSD  Kim Keeling Gene regulation, RNAi, microRNAs, stem cells, reproductive biology

 Lab         Publications 
"Selective RNA Decay: A Novel Mechanism to Control Gene Expression"

 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
December 6

J. Oriol Sunyer, Ph.D.   School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania Rodney King  immune responses of teleost fish

    Lab             Publications 
" Primordially Conserved and Novel Roles of Vertebrate B Cells and Plasma Cells"  
December 13 William Britt, MD  Department of Pedatrics, UniversityofAlabama
at Birmingham
John Kearney  the biology of herpesviruses and virus assembly and the pathogenesis of human cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections.
"Virus-induced Inflammation and Altered Brain Development"  
December 20 Week of Christmas Vacation         
December 27
Week between Christmas and New Year         

 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 January 3

Dr. Hiromi Kubagawa  Deutsched Reuma-Forschungszentrum (DRFZ) Berlin Germany  John Kearney "The Human and Mouse IgM Fc Receptor"  
January 10  Robert Welner, PhD  Hematology&Oncology, University of Alabama
at Birmingham
 John Kearney  My research has focused on stem cell biology, transcription factors, and gene regulation differences between normal adult cells and their diseased counterpart. "Complexity of the bone marrow microenvironment during malignant hematopoiesis" 
January 17  David Hafler  Yale School of Medicine Sarah Dulson and Immunology Graduate Students  Hafler_lab "Regulation of Autoimmune Responses"  
January 24
 David Veesler, Ph.D. Department of Biochemistry,
University of Washington
Terje Dokland   Veesler LabPublications " Structural Studies of Coronavirus Fusion Proteins"
January 31   Week of Marx Lecturer , Dennis Burton either Feb 1,2       

February 2017
 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 February 7

Laurie Harrington, PhD Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham John Kearney   the roles of and lineage relationships between effector CD4 T cell subsets during chronic inflammatory disorders, and  the factors critical for the development and maintenance of CD4 T cell memory.   "Differntiation and Regulation of Pathogenic CD4 T Cell Responses"
February 14
Michael Rossmann PhD  Purdue University Department of Biological Sciences Joshua Justice , Virology Graduate Students  Rossmann lab 

"The Structure and Function of Zika Virus"  CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS  
February 21 Herve Tettelin ,PhD University of Maryland School of Medicine Carlos Orihuela My general interests are the use of genomics, comparative genomics, and functional genomics to understand bacterial diversity and virulence, study host-pathogen interactions, and identify vaccine candidates and drug targets to cure disease.  "Dual Mouse-Bacterial Transcriptocs and Bioinfromatics of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease"  
February 28
Dr. Andrew Rice, PHD Department of Molecular Virology and Microbiology, Baylor College of Medicine Olaf Kutsch and CFAR  focus on advancing our understanding of the molecular mechanisms controlling latent HIV-1 infection. "Unexpected findings from studies of cellular co-factors that regulate HIV gene exrepssion"  

MARCH 2017
 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
March 7

J._Edwin_Blalock,_PhD  UAB_Dept_of_Medicine  John Kearney   Research in the Blalock laboratory has focused on understanding the cause(s) of and potential treatments for unrelenting neutrophilic inflammation which is a driving force in many human diseases.  "Neutrophil-dervied Proteolytic Exosomes are Novel Pathogenic Entities in COPD"
March 14  Dr._Warren_Strober,_MD  NIH  Zina_Moldoveanu Dr. Strober is a leader in the study of mucosal antibody responses, oral tolerance, and gastroenterological diseases caused by immunologic abnormalities.  Tr2 cells,

A Newly Defined Regulatory T Cell Producing IL-10
March 21 Dr._Mark_Jay_Shlomchik,_MD,_PHD Univ_of_Pittsburgh John Kearney Our lab is interested in systemic autoimmune diseases, long-lived B cell immunity, and in immunopathogenesis.  Signaling, Selection, and Survival of Germinal Center B Cells
March 28
 Dr._Elaine_Tuomanen,_MD  St._Jude_Children's_Hospital Bacterial Pathogenesis Group The major focus of this research is the molecular pathogenesis of invasion and inflammation induced by Streptococcus pneumoniae, the leading invasive bacterial pathogen of children.  Pnumococcal Pathogenenesis: New  Twists in Surface Shedding and Brain Repair

APRIL 2017
 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 April 4

Gail Bishop, PhD University of Iowa Department of Microbiology LouisJustement Bishop Lab "TRAF3: A Chameleon in T and B Lymphocyte Regulation" 
April 11
Steven Duncan, MD   UAB-Division of Pulmonary, Allergy
& Critical Care
John Kearney  The role of adaptive immune processes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.  If We Knew What Caused Them, Maybe We Could Do a Better Job Treating Them?

-forays to unravel the immunology of chronic lung diseases.

April 18
Bert Semler, Ph.D.  Center for Virus Research, University of California Irvine Elena Frolova  picornaviruses, non-canonical host cell translation  initiation
"Viral strategies to hijack and alter host cell functions during picornavirus replication"
April 25
Crystal_Johnson,_Ph.D, Department of Environmental Sciences, LSU David Briles how Vibrio spp. respond to environmental cues, "Microbial Ecology of Oysters, Birds, and Their Surrounding Environments" 

May 2017
 Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
May 2

Dr._Olaf_Kutsch,_PhD UAB Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases John Kearney  HIV-1 research in my laboratory is focused on finding a cure for HIV-1 infection.  Basic research efforts focus on advancing our understanding of the molecular mechanisms controlling latent HIV-1 infection. The insights gained from these studies can then be translated into drug discovery efforts.

A Cure for HIV-1 Infection: Reprogramming the Host Cells of Latent HIV-1 Infection Events to Eliminate the Virus 

May 9
John_Chatham , DPhil   UAB_Department_of_
Fran_Lund  to understand the impact of alterations in cardiac energy metabolism and substrate utilization on the cardiomyocyte function.   Protein O-GlcNAcylation and the reulation of cellular stress responses 
May 16
 Louise_Chow,_PhD  UAB_Department_of_
John Kearney  to dissect the biochemical and genetic properties of human papillomaviruses associated with condylomas, dysplasias and carcinomas of the genital and oral mucosa.   Strategies for Developing Anti-HPV Therapeutics 
May 23
Peter Kwong, Ph.D.   NIH, NIAID, Structural Biology Section Program Description Jan Novak  ·Structure-based vaccine design
·Neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1
·Atomic-level understanding of HIV-1 envelope and how the virus evades the immune system
Structure Base Vaccine Design 
May 30 Jing-Ren_Zhang,_PhD Tsinghua_University_
Carlos Orihuela  Note: Invited by Bacterial Pathogenesis Group  Epigenetic variation in Streptococcus pneumoniae