Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 Andries Steyn  UAB, Microbiology  Joel Glasgow  Understand the mechanisms of M. tuberculosis virulence  Translational Research for Tuberculosis Elimination in Durban, South Africa: 3D Imaging, Lung Architecture and Basic Science
9/11/18  Susan Bellis  UAB, CDIB
 Allan Zajac  role of ras-directed integrin sialyayion in tumorigenesis/metastasis. Hyposialyation of b1 integrins the increased adhesiveness of differentiated monocytic cells. Integrin-mediated adheision of osteoblasts to implant materials.  Novel role for glycans in imparting stem-like cancer cell characteristics that promote tumor initiation and progression
9/18/18 Haitao Guo Indiana Univ George Luo  viral pathogenesis of hepatitis B virus and antiviral discovery  HBV cccDNA: How It's Made?
9/25/18  Elina Zuniga Univ of Cal San Diego  Allan Zajac  Studies cellular and molecular aspects of immune responses during acute and chronic viral infections to determine general principals of antiviral immunity, immune-evasion, persistence and pathogenesis  Immune Adatations During Chronic Viral Infections

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
10/2/18 Jeffrey Bluestone Univ of Cal San Fran Rachel Jimenez T cell activation and immune tolerance in autoimmunity & organ transplantation. Adapted the animal studies using biologics and cell based therapies to develop therapeutics that can be used in humans with autoimmunity & under conditions of allotransplant rejection  Treg biology to understand and treat disease
10/9/18  Robert Davey  Boston University  Ilya Frolov  identificaation of cellular factors important for establishing infection by filovirus and bunyaviruses, also developed high throughput screening techniques of Ebloavirus  Understanding macropinocytosis through the lens of Ebloa virus
10/16/18 Jens Wrammert  Emory Vaccine Center Rodney King  Understanding of human and macaque B cell responses following infection (dengue, cholera) or vaccination (influenza and SHIV/HIV)   Single Cell Analyses of Human B Cell Responses
10/18/18 Ivaylo Ivanov Columbia University Fran Lund identifying specific examples of immunomodualry ineractions between commensals and host as well as the underlying mechanisms Research Overview
10/22/18 James Driscoll  University of Cincinnati  Special Seminar  development of practical, clinically-relevant strategies to overcome drug resistanct in cancers  Proeasome Function in Healthy and Disease States
10/23/18 No Microbiology Seminar this week        
10/24/18 Botond Igyártó Baylor University Special Seminar at 10am in BBRB 170 Role of different dendritic cell ( DC) subsets in induction of humoral immune responses, generation of DC-vaccines targetting different cancers, Neuro-dendritic cell interactions, in vivo re-prgramming of DCs for therapeutic purposes  "Dendritic Cell Biology - Born to Regulate and Be Regulated"
10/29/18  Henry Wan  Mississippi State University Special Seminar  host-pathogen interactions and the environment-pathogeninteractins using intergrativ approaches, such as molecular biology, ecll biology, animalmodels, computation modeling, machine learning, evolutionary biology, epidemiolgy, genomics, and glycoproteomics approaches  "Seasonal Influenza Vaccine: not easy shot to get"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
11/13/18   Susana Valente  Scripps Research Institute  Jamil Saad / CFAR  Discovery and characterization of molecular interactions occurring within a host cell that are critical for HIV replication - identified interactions can be tailored to develop therapeutic targets and provide novel antiviral approaches  "Silencing the HIV-1 reservoir"
11/20/18 Thanksgiving wk No seminar held      
11/27/18  Asma Hatoum-Aslan Univ of AL  Michael Gray  uses tools of biochemistry and molecular genetics to unravel the mechanisms of small RNA-mediated pathways and enable the development of novel and anti-microbial therapeutics  "CRISPR-Cas10 immunity in staphylococci: Mechanisms and applications"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
12/4/18 Li Wu   The Ohio State University Virology faculty recruit  molecular mechanisms of HIV replication and retorviral pathogeneisis, cel-toell HIV-1 transmission and HIV-1 restriction on primary myeloid cells  "How does the host protien SAMHD1 restrict HIV-1 infection and antiviral immunity?"
12/5/18 Laurie Krug Stony Brook University Virology faculty recruit molecular determinants of virus-host interactions during chronic infections caused by human gammaherpesviruses: Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and Kaposi’s sarcoma associated-herpesvirus (KSHV)  "Gammaherpesviruses armed to combat uracils: Impact of uracil DNA glycosylase and dUTPase in pathogenesis and genomic stability"
12/11/18 Toru Takimoto   University of Rochester
 Virology faculty recruit  molecular mechanisms of paramyxovirus assembly, assembly of influenza A viruses, role of influenza virus polymerase in host adaptation  "Strategies of host adaptation of influenza A viruses"
12/17/18 Jesse Erasmus Infectious Disease Research Institute Virology faculty recruit engineering RNA molecules with viral-derived functions provides fundable opportunities to study basciu aspects of virus replication in an application-driven manner with clear pathways to the clinic  " Exploiting virus replication for the development of platform technologies"
12/25/18 Christmas Day No seminar held      

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
1/1/19 New Year’s Day No seminar held      
1/8/19  Laty Cahoon  University of Illinois, Chicago

 "Gram positive secretion: don't leave the cell without a chaperone!"
1/9/19 Carrie Coleman University of Colorado Virology Faculty Recruit understand the mechanisms used by oncogenic gammaherpesviruses, MHV68 and EBV to setablish and maintain a life-long latent infection "EBV Type 2 infection of T cells: an alternative strategy for viral persistence"
1/14/19 Masakazu Kamata University of California, Los Angeles Joint CCC/Microbiology Faculty recruit   "Developing Novel Immunological Cure Strategies for HIV-1 Infection"
1/15/19  Joshua Woodward  University of Washington  Hui Wu Focused on elucidataing the interactons of bacterial pathogens with their hosts using Listeria monocytogenes. Also interested in interrogating the mechanisms of cytosolic immuno-surveellance as well as the roles of c-di-AMP in bacterial physiology  "Cytosolic RECONnaissance : Host strategies for detecting bacterial cyclic dinucelotides"
1/16/19 Wenhan Zhu University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center Bacteriology Faculty Recruit molecular interactions that shape the interaction between the host adn the intestinal microbiota in particular when this interaction is perturbed during episodes of intestinal inflammation "Metabolic interactions in the inflamed intestine"
1/22/19  Arturo Casadevall  John Hopkins Univ  David Chaplin Understand how hosts defend against Crptococcus neoformans and how its virulence contributes to disease, alos interested in devising antibody-based countermeasures to protect against anthrax   "Thoughts on the origin of virulence"
1/23/19 Sergey Novitskiy Vanderbilt University Joint CCC/Microbiology Faculty recruit dissect interactions of adenosine collaborative work converge tuissue microenvironments, TGFB pathowats and their conjoint impact on inflammation and tunorigenesis " Role of Adenosine in TGF-beta Effects in Cancers"
1/29/19  Irene Salinas rescheduled to April 16th  UAB closed due to weather  Univ. of New Mexico  Jiri Mestecky   Evolution of immune repsonses, mucosal immunity of fish, host-parasite interactions, aqua culture, fish diseases, modulation of fish immune repsonosed by commensal microorganisms ontogeny of fish immune system  "Antiviral neuroimmune interactions at the nasal epithelium of teleost fish"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
2/4/19 Christina Camell Yale School of Medicine Immunology Faculty Recruit understanding the role of adipose tissue macrophages and how thye survive the tissue to promote tissue homeostasis, and changes that occur with aging and the contribution to age-related metabolic dysfunction "Tissue resident macrophages drive adipose dysfunction during aging"
2/5/19  Elizabeth Sztul  Univ of Ala, Birmingham  Allan Zajac  molecular mechanisms that regulate the delivery of proteins to their cellualr sites of action, how intracellualr membrane traffic is controlled, devleop technology that will selectively slow down degrative sorting of clinically relevant proteins  "Hijacking hosts transport factors for poliovirus replication"
2/12/19   Ilhem Messaoudi Powers  Univ of Cal Irvine  Louis Justement  viral pathogenesis, host defense, modulation of immunity by nutrition and aging, impact of the microbiome on immunity  "Impact of pregravid obesity on maternal and fetal immunity"
2/19/19  Nichole Broderick  Univ of Conn  Mike Gray  study impacts of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria on host development physiology, and health using a variety of molecular, genetic and genomic approaches using Drosophila melanogaster  "Immunity at the interface of Drosophila-microbiome interactions"
2/26/19  Malcolm Winkler Indiana Univ Bloomington  Carlos Orihuela Bacterials Path Group  Understand signal transduction, regulatory mechanisms, and suprmolecular complexes that mediate the stress responses, metabolism, cell structure and pathogenesis of S. pneumoniae  " Dynamica and Regulation of Peptidoglycan Cell Wall Synthesis in the Superbug Streptococcus pneumonia"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
3/5/19  Dr. Angela Wilks  had to cancel, will be rescheduled in 2019-2020  


3/12/19 Marx Lecture: Daniel Littman  NYU School of Medicine  Fran Lund   Microbiota-regulated immunity, epigenetic regulation of T cell differentiation, and mechanisms of retroviral pathogenesis  "Dissecting immune system regulation by commensal microbes"
3/19/19  Troy Randall  UAB, Clinical Immunology/Rheumatology Beatriz Leon   how local lymphhoid tissues develop and function in the respiratory tract, understand the development funtion of unusual lymphoid tissues in teh peritoneal and leural cavitiies, how CD40 signaling controls CD8 T cell responses t virese and tumors, local control of autoimmune/inflammatory T and B cell responses  "Pulmonary immunity to influenza"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
4/2/19  Marc Lipsitch, had to cancel , hopefully will be rescheduled next year  Harvard  David Briles  the effect of naturally acquired host immunity, vaccine-induced immunity and other public health inteverntions (e.g.antimicrobial use) on the population biology of pathogens andthe consequences of changing pathogen populations for human health  
4/9/19  Sallie Permar  Duke Univ Medical Center  Mark Walter  focuses on maternal correclates of immune protection against vertical transmission of neontal pathogens  "Next Gerneration Vaccines to Prevent Congenital CMV Infection"
4/16/19  Irene Salinas  Univ. of New Mexico   Jiri Mestecky   Evolution of immune repsonses, mucosal immunity of fish, host-parasite interactions, aqua culture, fish diseases, modulation of fish immune repsonosed by commensal microorganisms ontogeny of fish immune system  "Antiviral neuroimmune interactions at the nasal epithelium of teleost fish"  
4/17819 Eric Ubil  Univ. Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Microbiology / CCC/ Pathology/ Hem/Onc Faculty recruit Studying the role of the Tyro3/Axl/Mer (TAM) family of receptor tyrosine kinases incancer-mediated immune suppression, Discovered that tumors secrete Pros1 (a TAM ligand) and effectively reduce the ability of the innateimmune system to mount an anti-tumor response, Identified the molecular mechanism of tumor-mediated suppression of macrophages  "Enhanced Anti-Cancer Therapy by Targeting the Pros1:Mcarophage Mer Axis"
4/23/19  David Bedwell UAB, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Charles Turnbough understand the mechanistic details of translation termination in eukaryotes and use to develope therapeutic stategies for a range of genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis and lysosomal storage disease "Suppression of Nonsense Mutations to Treat Genetic Diseases"
4/30/19  Graham Hatfull  University of Pittsburgh  N'toia Hawkins Virology Grad Students

 using mycobacteriophages to understand mycobacterial genetics "Diversity, Defense, and Collusion: The complex dynamics of Actinobacteriophages and their hosts"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
5/7/19 David Wells Memorial Lecturer: Alexander Rudensky  Sloan Kettering Institue  Fran Lund -  understanding moclecular mechanisms governing the differentiation and function of CD4 T lymphocytes and their role in immunity and tolerance  "Many faces of T regulatory T cells"
5/13/19 Henrique Borges da Silva University of Minnesota CCC / Microbiology Faculty recruit understanding how extracellular nucelotides regulate the immune system  "Extracellular ATP sensing mediates CD8 T cell immune repoinses to infection and tumor"
5/21/19 Rebecca Lamason   Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Uday Tak & Ashleigh Riegler  How bacterial pathogens usurp host cell function to gain insights into both host cell biology and pathogenensis  "Bacterial pathogens hijack host machinery to promote cell-to-cell spread"
5/28/19  Linda Hendershot  St. Jude  John Kearney  Control of the synthesis and assembly of secretory proteins in the ER, regulation of immunoglobulin transport, elucidation of ER stress-induced signal transduction pathways, role of the ER stress response in regulating tumor chemosensitivity  "Protein Folding in the ER: life and death decisions for BiP substrates"