Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
Month and Day Speaker Name Institution Name Host Name This is the speakers area of interests. Title of their talk
Sept.  1, 2020      
Sept. 8, 2020  Masakazu Kamata UAB, Microbiology  Hui Hu How viruses or malignant cells establish and maintain prolonged infections or uncolntrolled cell division  "The limitations and promise of anti-HIV CAR-T cell therapy"
Sept 15, 2020 Wells Lecturer June Round  University of Utah School of Medicine Fran Lund   Understanding how T cell intrinsic Toll like receptor signaling governs T  cell repsonses and how this impacts host tolerance toward the microbiota. Indentification and characterization of novel host genes within mucosal T cells regulated by the microbiota. Undertand how specific commensal organisms are able to regulate the host adaptive immune system and impact disease states   "Microbiota-immune interactions that regulate intestinal health"
Sept. 22, 2020        
Sept. 29, 2020 Casey Weaver  UAB, Anatomic Pathology   John Kearney mechanisms by which CD4 T cells control adative immunity  "Specialization of Innate and Adaptive Immune Cells in Intestinal Barrier Defense"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
Oct 6, 2020  Terje Dokland UAB, Microbiology  Peter Prevelige uses a hybrod approach combing cryo-EM and three-dimensional reconstruction to study the structures of viruses, bacteria and protiens involved in viral and bacterial pathogenicity  "Cryo-electron microscopy: recent developments and impact on biomedical research at UAB"
Oct 13, 2020  Stewart New /John Kearney  UAB, Microbiology  John Kearney  Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the developemnt of diverse B cell repertoire  "Effects of neonatal microbial exposure on innate-like B cell development"
Oct 20, 2020  Jessica Scoffield  UAB, Microbiology    understand the mechanisms used by the oncogenic human gamma-herpes virus Epstein Barr
virus to establish and  maintain a life-long latent infection and how dysregulation of this long-term infection can lead to the development of malignancies
 "Exploring commensal-pathogen interactions fo airway microbes"
Oct 27, 2020  Carrie Coleman  UAB, Microbiology  ?Sunnie Thompson   defining the mechanisms by whihc transcription factors contribute to the cellular differentiation and function in the immune system
"The Role of T cells in EBV Type  2 Life Cycle and Lyphomagenesis"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
Nov.3, 2020  No speaker, election day  
Nov. 10, 2020  Kirsi Jarvinen-Seppo  Univ of Rochester Medical Center  John Kearney  focused on developmental aspects of infant systemic and mucosal immune system relatating to mechanisms behind development of food allergy, atopic dermititis and the whole atopic march  "What have the studies among the Old Order Mennonites taught us about allergic diseases?"
Nov. 17, 2020  Fran Lund 
 UAB, Microbiology  Carlos Orihuela  understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune cell activation, focusing on the molecular mechanisms controlling the organization and dynamics of immune cell receptors and the functional significance for immune cell activation through the development of cutting edge optical microscopy   "Inflammatory cytokine mediated control of effector and memory B cell development and function"
Nov. 24, 2020 No seminar        

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
Dec 1, 2020  Elena Frolova  UAB Microbiology   Allan Zajac  understanding of alphavirus pathogenesis at the moleculuar and cellual levels  via investigating the functions of virus-specific nonsturctural and sturctural protiens in virus replicationj and inhibition of cellular antiviral reponse

 "Intrinsically disordered domains of alphavirus nsP3 orchestrate assemebly of replication complexes\

Dec. 8, 2020  Elliot Lefkowitz  UAB, Microbiology  understandn of microbial genomics and evolution by developing adn utilizing computational tools and bioinformatic techniques to mine sequence and other data for significan patterns characteritic of function and/or evloution  "The Microbiome, Parkinson's Disease, SARS-CoV-2, etc.:Biology, to Data, to Bioinformatics, to Knowledge, and back to Biology"
Dec. 15, 2020  Yuliya Pylayeva-Gupta  Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  Eric Ubil  Mechanisms by which tumors co-opt the imune system to facilate emergence and progression of cancer escpecially pancreatic cancer  "B cell-mediated immunomodulation in cancer"
Dec. 22, 2020 No seminar
Dec. 29, 2020 No seminar

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 Jan. 5, 2021  Hubert Tse  UAB, Microbiology  understand the synergy of oxidative stress and autoimmune destruction of insulin-secreting pancreatic beta-cells in Type 1 diabetes  "Antiviral responses trigger mouse and human Type 1 diabetes"
Jan. 12, 2021   Michael Johnson  Univ of Arizona College of Medicine  Michael Gray  investigate how bacteria maintain homeostasis within the metal milieu, determinig how metals are processed, response during metal sensing and the role host plays in this process durring infection, understanding how bacteria interact with metals during infections  "Something old, Something new, Something Borrowed, Copper II"
Jan.19, 2021   Jan Novak  UAB, Microbiology  renal diseases and autoimmune diseases (IgA nephropathy and other chronic diseases of teh kidney), cancer and mucosal infections including sexually transmitted diseases such as those cuased by HIV  "Glycosylation in Health and Disease: The Emerging Field of Glycomedicine"
Jan 26, 2021   Michael Imperiale  Univ of Michigan  Sunnie Thompson  Molecular biology of BK polyomavirus, infection, persisitence and replication  "Control of BKPyV replication: From Persistence to Reactivation"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
 Feb. 2, 2021  Todd Green  UAB, Microbiology  Terje Dokland  cystallographic studies of proteins involved in polynucelotide synthesis for negative strans RNA viruses  "Structural Studies of Autoantibodies with Specificity for Aberrant Glycoproteins"
Feb. 9, 2021 Jeremy Foote   UAB, Microbiology

 Evaluating the roles of B cells and Antibody in Pancreatic Cancer Progression

 "Divergent roles for IgM and class switched antibody isotypes in pancreatic tumorigenesis"
Feb. 16, 2021  Kenneth Oestreich  Virginia Tech Carilion  Beatriz Leon   defining the mechanisms by which transcription factors contribute to the cellular differentiation and function in the immune system  "Regulation of T Helper cell differentiation programs by Ikaros zinc finger transcription factors"
Feb. 23, 2021  Beatriz Leon-Ruiz   UAB, Microbiology Dendritic cells in controlling TH2 polarization in allergy and immunity   "Sensitization to inhalant allergens: the role of dendritic cells"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
Mar. 2, 2021 Bertram M Marx Lecturer  Dr. Adolfo Garcia-Sastre  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai  Fran Lund  Molecular biology of influenza viruses and sveral other negastive strand RNA viruses   " Virus-host interactions as a guide to virus basic biology and antiviral development "
Mar. 9, 2021  Herta Steinkellner  Univ of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna Jan Novak   understanding  the molecular and cellular processes involved in the expession of recombinant proteins in plants in order to use optimally for the production of biopharmaceuticals  "Plant based Antibody Expression and Glycan Engineering"
Mar. 16, 2021  Mark Walter  UAB, Microbiology  Peter Prevelige  Elucidating crystal stuctures of cytokines bound to their cell surface receptors  "Evaluation of type-I IFN subtypes: auto-antibodies and mechanisms of receptor engagement"
Mar. 23, 2021   Christopher Klug and Jeremy Foote  UAB, Microbiology  Each Other  understand the underlying mechanisms regulating hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and how normal HSC developmental programs are subverted in the context of acute myeloid leukemia and determine requirements for antibody-driven, pancreatic tunor-specific immunity using mouse models closely recapitulate syngenic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma disease progrssion observed in patients  
'The role of the antibody reponse in pancreatic cancer progression" 
Mar. 30, 2021  Alexander Rosenberg  UAB, Microbiology  Elliot Lefkowitz  bioinformatics, B Cell repertoire Sequencing, Data Visualization  "Developing Bioinformatics Tools for Immunology" 

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
Apr. 6, 2021  Rodney King  UAB, Microbiology  development and maintenance of humoral immunity,  "Deconvoluting the heterogeneity within naturla and acquired antigen-specific B cell repertoires" 
Apr. 13, 2021   Janet Yother  UAB, Microbiology  streptococcus pneumoniae capsular polysaccharides, genetics and pathogenesis  "Streptocccus pneumoniae capsules: paradigms for bacterial polysaccharide biosynthesis"
Apr. 20, 2021   Nicholas Lennemann  UAB, Microbiology  regulation of Postive-Stranded RNA Virus infection by Host factors of the Endomembrane System  "ER protien regulation of flavivirus infection" 
Apr. 27, 2021   Joel Glasgow  UAB, Microbiology  understanding Mycobactium Tuberculosis peristence and pathogenesis  "Hydrogen sulfide binds and activates the sensor kinase DosS to regulate gene expression in Mycobacterium tuberculosis"

Date Name  Institution  Host  Area of Interest/Recent Publications Title
May 4, 2021   Heather Bruns  UAB, Microbiology    Immunology and microbiology education for medical professionals, graduate and undergraduate students,  T cell-meidated reponses in allergy and inflammation  "Forward Thinking & Backward Design: The undergraduate Immunology am at UAB" 
June 1, 2021   Amy Weinmann  UAB, Microbiology  molecular mechanisms that regulate T cell differentiation programs  
May 18, 2021  Paul Turner  Yale University  Terje Dokland  to study evolutionary genetics and genomic of microbes, especially the ability of viruses to adapt or not to the changes in their biotic and abiotic environments "Leveraging evolutionary trade-offs and phage selection pressues to reduce bacterial pathogenicity"
May 25, 2021   Hui Hu  UAB, Microbiology    Tfh cell differentiation and humural immunity adn negative regulatory pathoways on controlling T cell quiescence and repsonses