The Griffin Society at the University of Alabama at Birmingham serves to advance understanding of biomedical research by clinical residents, fellows, and MSTP students.

The society is named for Frank Monroe Griffin, Jr., M.D., who founded the UAB MD/PhD training program in 1985 and directed the MSTP for 13 years. Dr. Griffin attended the Medical University of South Carolina and received his MD in 1966. He extended his training an intern and resident in the Department of Medicine, and a Fellow in the Division of Infectious Diseases here at the University of Alabama. He spent two years at the US Naval Hospital in Illinois and two years as a Research Fellow at the Rockefeller University prior to returning to UAB as a faculty member.

The goal of the Griffin Society is to promote interactions between MSTP students, residents and fellows with interests in biomedical research, and MD/PhD faculty who have experienced the rewards and challenges of the career opportunities offered to those with a combined degree, allowing these groups to enrich each other with their different experiences and viewpoints. The society will also help MSTP students to understand the clinical context of their research and enable them to form contacts with people at more advanced stages of training.

The main focus of the Griffin Society is a clinical mentorship program for MSTP students during their research years. The goal of this program is to help MSTP students smoothly transition to their clinical years, having maintained and matured the clinical skills acquired during their first two years of medical school.