MSTP 798 (non research course) and MSTP 799 (research course)

During the first two years there are three research rotations allowing an in depth experience in different laboratories prior to selecting a lab for the PhD dissertation research. UAB has a large and diverse faculty of the outstanding biomedical scientists from which MSTP students may choose either rotation advisers or mentors for their PhD research. The complete listing of available graduate faculty is available for you to review for the choice of a rotation adviser or mentor.

The first rotation is a full-time commitment during a six week period in the summer prior to the beginning of the first year of medical school (June/July). Students have the option of continuing this rotation on a part-time basis during the fall of the MS1 year.

The second rotation occurs during the summer break between the first and second year of medical school. This rotation is a full-time commitment for 10 weeks to gain in depth knowledge in a particular mentor's laboratory.

The third and final rotation occurs after the second year classes are over, and also consists of a 10 week, full-time commitment.

Selection of the dissertation thesis research mentor must occur by early September of the 3rd year, which is about 15 weeks after the end of second year classes. Part I of the USMLE exam must be taken prior to the start of this final research rotation. After each of the two full-time research rotations, students will present their work at the fall Medical Student Research Day (held in October each year), along with other Medical Students who completed a research experience during the summer.