MSTPs in Paris!

Stephanie Brosius in Paris

Stephanie Brosius traveled to Paris to attend the History of Neurosciences Conference.


MSTPs in Scotland!

Travis Lewis in Glasgow

Travis Lewis attended the World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, Scotland.


MSTPs in Korea!

Jackie Zimmerman in Seoul

Jackie Zimmerman attended the Bioelectomagnetics Society Annual Meeting in Seoul, Korea


MSTPs in Nigeria!

Simi Akinsiku in Nigeria

In August 2008 Simi was fortunate enough to participate in the 2nd Annual Eko Club International Medical Mission to Lagos, Nigeria. Healthcare at an international level is in her distant future, so when the opportunity presented itself, and being of Nigerian descent, this seemed like a good place to start. The work was educational in many ways, tiring, hectic at times, but so very rewarding.

Her medical team was comprised of over 30 physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, pharmacy and medical students based in the United States. The team traveled to Nigeria and worked out of four sites within Lagos State. They provided free consultation and screenings, as well as medication, to all who showed up for the clinics. A surgical team also worked out of two hospitals within Lagos and completed over 300 surgeries at no cost to the patients. On their first work day in Lagos Island they saw about 500 individuals. It only took a night for word to get around...the next day, over 1500 people were seen at the clinic!

PA3 Simi_Counsel_crop3  
Clinic3 Simi_Beach3  

MSTPs in Peru!

Eva Clark in Peru

Eva Clark worked a free-clinic in Iquitos, Peru.

Eva eventually joined a thesis lab that allowed her to continue work in Iquitos. 


Clark-3 Clark-2
Crossing a bridge in the community
of Zungaracocha (where the majority of her
malaria samples are collected)
during a day of sample collection.
Posing on a motorcycle with a labmate in Zungaracocha.
Motorcycles are the main form of land transportation in and
around Iquitos, especially in the communities since
there are few paved roads.
Clark-1 Clark-5

A view of our lab inside the Universidad Nacional
Amazonas Peruana compound in Iquitos, Peru.

Eva playing with monkeys on a "river island"
that has been turned into a habitat for monkeys
saved from the tourist industry and
is affectionately named "Monkey Island".

Stephen Jordan in Peru

Although no malaria vaccine exists, multiple are in development, including the promising candidate PfMSP3. It is currently unknown which domain of PfMSP3 would be optimal for vaccine inclusion and my project is to identify the domain of PfMSP3 that induces potent antibody responses that correlate with protection against malaria in vivo. Through a collaboration with a longitudinal cohort study in the Peruvian Amazon, I have access to sera samples from people infected with P. falciparum, the cause of 90% of malaria-related deaths worldwide, and have been able to travel to Peru multiple times to conduct experiments. In order to identify the optimal PfMSP3 domain for vaccine inclusion, we will study multiple aspects of antibody responses and identify the optimal domain based on criteria that include immunogenicity, ability to mediate cross-protection between alleles, antibody half-life, IgG isotype profile, and correlation with in vivo protection.

Peru1_Jordan-1 Peru2_Jordan-2

MSTPs in Zambia!

Eva Clark in Zambia

Eva Clark traveled to Zambia to complete her second lab rotation.

James Tang was her mentor, and she worked in an HIV clinic run by Susan Allen (ZEHRP).