The third benefit MSTP students receive is the availability of an educational enhancement fund.  This fund can be used for items necessary for a student’s education at UAB.  These items may include books, medical equipment, computers and/or computer programs (iPads are excluded from this list).  Please note that computers purchased from NIH funds (training grant/ fellowship) are actually the property of UAB and you may be required to return the computer when you graduate. 

Basic supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, file folders, highlighters, and so on will be provided by the MSTP Office. Special requests for certain supplies can be submitted to the MSTP Office for review and processing.  The funds available are: 

 Prior to July 1, 2017  Current
 MS I & II $2500  MS I & II $2000
 GS I through IV$750  GS I through IV $1000
 MS III & IV$750  MS III & IV $1000

This totals $4000 for the entire MSTP training period; however, funds do not roll over between phases of the program.  In order to expedite receipt of these funds, all MSTP students are required to have direct deposit from their student account to their bank account. Please note that if a student leaves the program in the middle of one of these time spans, the amount available for use will be prorated.  If a student drops out and has spent more than the pro-rated amount, they must pay the overage amount back to the UAB MSTP.  The total amount reimbursed per student is tracked by the MSTP Office. These educational enhancement funds can be held if a MSTP student does not meet MSTP expectations (i.e., replying to emails in a timely manner, return of required forms by the deadline, etc.).

Use of funds for items not listed or for to scientific meetings or training courses requires a written request to the MSTP Director for pre-approval.

  • Travel will not be approved for the presentation of work not done while at UAB. 
  • All purchases are subject to approval by the MSTP Office Staff and/or the MSTP Director. 


UAB Graduate Student Government Travel Grants 
Currently, each graduate student in good academic standing who will be enrolled at the time of travel AND at the time of reimbursement is eligible for one Travel Award of $400.00 each academic year and a maximum of two while enrolled at UAB.