We greatly encourage and need student participation in the recruitment process.  We want the experience to be enjoyable for students and applicants alike.  However, students participating in recruitment need to be familiar with the following guidelines; failure to adhere to these guidelines will likely result in only partial reimbursement of meal expenses. The MSTP Office has a corporate credit card to use for all meals related to recruiting events. As such, MSTP students cannot be reimbursed for hosting recruits. 

When dining out

  • If dining out after applicants arrive in Birmingham it is preferred that when multiple applicants arrive near the same time as many hosts and applicants go to dinner together as possible.
  • Appetizers are allowed with the following guidelines:  One appetizer for every four-person party. If your party is less than four you are allowed one appetizer.  If your party is more than four you are allowed one additional appetizer.

For all restaurant meals – reimbursements will only cover the expense of the applicants and their student hosts.  A list of attendees is always required for reimbursement.

When hosting a dinner at your home

The budget for dinners at a student home is $10 to $15 per/person with a limit of $150 for food and non-alcoholic beverages.  The number of attendees should be between 10 and 15.  Alcohol is not included in this budget and will not be reimbursed for off-site meals.