MSTP student tuition and fees are financed through the MSTP Office during the MS1-MS2 years, GS1-GS4 years, and MS3-MS4 years. If a student transitions to a GS5 year, the Thesis Mentor will take 100% financial responsibility for student’s tuition, fees, and stipend. In each case, the transactions will be processed by the MSTP office using funding accounts from individual investigators, the UAB Graduate School, or the SOM as appropriate.

Students will be required to register for classes earlier than usual in order for the MTSP office to have adequate time to process the payment of the tuition bill and prevent the student’s classes from being dropped. This policy will primarily affect students who are in need of advanced courses usually taken in the first and second year in the lab. The MSTP office will send an email with an internal deadline by which to register based on the days needed to process payment for everyone.

Other items added to the student’s account, such as parking citations and application for defense fee, must be paid directly by the student.  Items billed as “Due from Student” will be subject to the deadlines for payment imposed upon students in the regular MD or PhD programs.  The MSTP does not pay any late fees charged due to missed payments or late registration. 


Health Insurance. Health Insurance coverage is continuous as long as the student is active in the program, beginning in the middle of August. Graduate student trainees’ health insurance is paid by the MSTP. The MSTP does not provide health insurance for any additional family members.  


Parking Fees. Parking for MSTP students is determined by the SOM during your MS1, MS2, MS3, and MS4 years. When in the MS-I, MS-II, and graduate years, you are assigned to Lot 15, which is general student parking. However, you may pay an additional fee to park in a closer lot or deck. 


The graduate student parking assignment, as found on the Parking and Transportation Services website states: “Graduate students can access the commuter student lots if they do not live on campus. In addition, graduate students can access the 9th Avenue deck (under construction), 10th Avenue deck, and 5th Avenue deck for a nominal additional fee.  All of these facilities' permits are also honored in any commuter lot. Parking is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. If demand for deck parking exceeds availability, then a waiting list will be taken for the current academic year only.


After-hours parking is available for certain areas. After-hours is defined as 5 p.m. - 6 a.m. weekdays, and all day weekends. This access is free for any graduate student with a deck permit. For those in commuter or resident student facilities, a $20 charge applies. Current after-hours locations are:

  • University Boulevard Deck
  • 5th Avenue Deck
  • Lot 16A (Underneath Education Building)


Recreation Center. The Recreation Center is accessible to all enrolled students and is charged to the student’s account.     

  • Medical students are charged twice a year for the Recreation Center (Fall and Spring) at the same time medical school tuition is charged.  Fall charges are for access from July 1st through December 31st and spring charges are for access from January 1st through June 30th. This also means that students transitioning from the medical to graduate years are covered during the summer prior to entering their thesis lab, as it was paid at the same time as spring medical tuition. 
  • Graduate students are charged three times a year (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Students transitioning to clinic will not have any gap in their access. Regardless of the date of final defense, the Recreation Center fee charged on the student account during the last semester in graduate school will be valid until the end of that semester.