UAB provides information about its many student services online. Below are some of the resources that we think will be most useful to our students.


UAB Student Services

UAB Student Services

Your one-stop-shop for links to all UAB Student Services, including health and specialized services resources as well as:

  • Safety
  • Tech Support
  • Discounts
  • Campus Life & News Updates
One Stop Student Services

One Stop Student Services

The One Stop website include information on:

  • BlazerID & ONE Card
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Account Analysis & Payments
  • Housing
Student Health Services

Student Health Services

The Student Health Services website includes information on:

  • Hours and Locations
  • Health Emergencies
  • Medical Clearance & Required Vaccinations
  • Counseling
  • Insurance & Waivers
Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services

The Disability Support Services website includes information on:

  • Apply for Services
  • Documentation
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Faculty & Staff Resources
Title IX

Title IX

The Title IX website includes information on:

  • UAB Policies on Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Assault and Violence
  • Reporting Violations
  • Pregnancy and Parenting Protections