Robin Lorenz2Robin Lorenz, MD, PHD, associate dean for physician scientist development and director of the UAB MD/PHD Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP). 
I first want to say a big UAB MSTP welcome to all of the applicants we are interviewing this year. Please use your time at UAB to get to know our MSTP family and to explore how UAB and the city of Birmingham can fit in with your future training plans. We will be interviewing 48 applicants this year and our current interviewees include students from 22 different states and 34 different colleges/universities. The only schools that currently have more than one applicant in the interview pool are Harvard, University of Wisonsin-Madison, and University of Michigan. 

This year our applicants will again participate in the UAB School of Medicine Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI). The MMI offers applicants a series of short scenarios at 7-10 stations. There are no right or wrong answers, but instead the MMI give insight into critical thinking, communication, and decision making skills. In addition to the MMIs, MSTP applicants will also do a short research presentation to the MSTP Advisory Committee and have traditional interviews with those committee members. Please use these opportunities to show us your passion for research and your drive to become a physician scientist.


  UAB Physician Scientist Development Office (PSDO)

This has been a fantastic year for physician scientists at UAB, as UAB became one of the only medical schools in the nation with a Physician Scientist Development Office (  This office supports and enhances the training of UAB Clinician Scientists as they develop their careers as future leaders of academic medicine. In addition to providing direction for the programs that develop future physician scientists (K-12, undergraduate, MD summer research programs, and MD/PHD programs) a new comprehensive UAB Physician Scientist Training Program is being instituted to provide career development seminars and workshops for any research-focused MD, DMD, MD/PHD, or DMD, PHD resident, fellow, or junior faculty in all clinical departments of the SOM or the School of Dentistry.UAB PSDO Objectives

The PSDO will help trainees to develop their research portfolios, establish mentoring teams, obtain independent external grant funding, and develop into future leaders of our academic medical centers and will synergize with the available seminars offered by the UAB CCTS. The office will also help with oversight of these trainees to monitor progress through their established career development plans and milestones. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the PSDO is supporting the 2016 Southeastern Medical Scientist Symposium (SEMSS) and will be hosting one of the 2017 Regional Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP) meetings (February 3-4, 2017). 

MSTP Student Committees and Representatives

I also want to say thanks to all of our student committees and student representatives. This is a fantastic way to develop your leadership skills and to become involved in the UAB MSTP.  There are many more students to thank than I can easily list, but special thanks goes to the students who are organizing SEMSS 2016 (Muhan Hu and her excellent team consisting of MSTP students Patrick, Jacelyn, Jeremie, Corey, and MD students Carolina, Benjamin, and Michael), to those who have put their efforts into our fantastic and nationally recognized UAB APSA Chapter (MSTP students Tyler, Muhan, Paige, Alex, and Corey, as well as MD students Sebastian and Adam), to the leaders of the Griffin Society (Evida, Will, Stephen, and the rest of the Griffin Society committee), to the students organizing the CAMS seminars (Shima, Ryan, and Ashley), to the student planners for our admissions weekends (Morgan and Vincent, and the rest of the events committee), and to the students who have contributed to our blog, UnABridged (Paige and Emily). Your efforts help to make our MSTP a fantastic  program and I am looking forward to our next year together.