Slide9The Division of Nephrology offers opportunities for research training to all fellows on the two and three year fellowship tracks. Numerous opportunities from training in Basic Science and Clinical research are available. A variety of research projects have been designed and linked to each faculty mentor listed under the appropriate research category.

For Fellows on the two year clinical track, research time includes one month in the first year and a minimum of two months in the second year of fellowship. Fellows are expected to fulfill ACGME requirements for research during this time. Research projects are brief, but impart sufficient training to enable the Fellow to conduct similar studies in future clinical practice.

Research time for Fellows on the three year track will start with one month within the first 4 months in the first year of fellowship. This time is spent meeting with the Associate Program Director for Research to discuss research opportunities, followed by meetings with selected faculty members offering long-term projects of interest to the fellow. All of this must be accomplished within the first 10 days of this month. During the rest of the month, the fellow will develop a research proposal with the faculty mentor for submission to an extramural funding source. Unless three year track fellows are eligible for a spot in an existing research training grant or other intramural research resources, it is mandatory for them to apply for extramural Research Fellowship awards in the first year of fellowship training. Applications to the American Society of Nephrology, National Kidney Foundation, American Heart Association and NIH for NRSA awards are typically due between November and January. For research fellowship award recipients, a minimum of 75% effort during the second year, and 90% effort during the third year will be committed to research. For deserving applicants whose extramural research proposals require resubmission during the second year, a minimum of 65% protected research time is offered in the second year. Research effort of candidates eligible for existing Research Training Grant spots will be governed by the guidelines of the award.

For more information regarding the research fellowship program, please contact:

orlando gutierrez

Director for Research
Orlando Guitierrez, MD


Associate Program Director for Research
Takamitsu Saigusa, MD

jessica hargrove

Program Coordinator II
Jessica Hargrove
Phone: (205) 934-1801