PRedOctoral PhD and MD research training in TEams (PROmoTE)

PROmoTE provides a curriculum to develop skills in kidney disease research by immersing students in a novel program of team training and career development of incoming PhD and MD students at UAB.

This R25 training program recruits pre-matriculating GBS PhD students and pre-matriculating MD students to do a team summer project (8 weeks) with a mentor team composed of PhD and MD scientists with mentoring backgrounds. The projects are all to be kidney focused to encourage more nephrologists and renal physiologists to be trained.

Skills Developed in PROmoTE: teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills
These three skills will be developed through a new course, Critical Approaches and Clinical Evaluation of Kidney Disease, a series of lunchtime career skills seminars, a one-day annual teamwork retreat, and work with research and clinical co-mentors on a hands-on research project as well as with the mentoring and career development component.PROMOTE Teams Graphic

Aim 1. Establish a summer research program with a focus on kidney disease research and development of critical thinking, scientific rigor, and clinical knowledge in teams.

  • The most unique feature is the formation of teams of a PhD student with a MD student for a summer session with a faculty research advisor and a clinical co-mentor team. This student team will work together on a single research project, with each bringing a diverse and unique set of strengths to the research team.
  • To inform the student team about the science and medicine of kidney disease, we will develop a novel course that will start with the development of critical thinking about disease physiology and end with developing knowledge about clinical analysis of kidney disease pathology.

Aim 2. Teach students the skills that they will need to function successfully in inter-professional research teams and expose students to a variety of inter-professional research teams.

  • To introduce students to this unique team training opportunity, we will have a Teamwork Retreat at the beginning of each summer of PROmoTE directed by Dr. Anthony Hood, UAB Collat School of Business.
  • To facilitate PROmoTE scholars’ understanding of the unique cultures, values, role/responsibilities, and expertise of graduate students and medical students, the recruited students will be exposed to a variety of teams and taught teamwork skills.

Who Can Apply: Pre-matriculating GBS PhD students and pre-matriculating MD students who are US Citizens or Permanent Residents

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019


Benefits: $5000 stipend, tuition for summer credit hours, travel costs to present this work at a scientific conference, lab supplies

Program Dates: May 28th – July 19th 2019

Contact: Kristin Penuel (email: 205-388-1810 or Dr. Jennifer Pollock (email: 205-975-7525