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  • Applicants


    The Gap Year Internships are designed for scholars who anticipate graduating or who have graduated with a Bachelor or Master degree and with the motivation to enroll in graduate and/or professional degree programs within the next 12-18 months.

    The Research Internship requires 40 hours/week in the laboratory with compensation of $16/hr. A highly motivated and engaging Research Intern is sought, ideally with prior experience in animal physiology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. The laboratories use state-of-the-art ex vivo vascular function studies, molecular and cellular biology assays, and rat and mouse models to address clinically relevant questions in kidney, urology, and benign hematology fields.

    The successful research intern will work in a collaborative environment with principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and research associates. The research intern will work closely with a member of this dynamic research group.  Duties may include molecular and cellular assays, rodent husbandry, in vivo rodent physiological measurements such as blood pressure, vascular function assays, genotyping, Western blotting assays, and histological assays.

    The position requires:

    • BS, BA, or MS degree in biology, chemistry, or science
    • Excellent writing and communications skills, and attention to detail
    • 40 hours/week (irregular status)

    Applications (CV and Cover Letter) and questions can be directed to: Rena Becker.
    Please provide earliest available start date

  • Faculty


    Faculty at all stages in Kidney, Urology, and non-Malignant Hematology research areas interested in hiring a GAp year INtern are supported in the following ways:

    • Provide access to applicant database
    • Create social media posts
    • PDF Flyer
    • Email position flyer to career centers and faculty affiliates at regional and otherwise affiliated universities
    • Reach out to prior KURE and other pipeline participants regarding the position
    • Post position to campus job boards

    Any of the above can be tailored and targeted in what meets the needs of your lab, and all information and materials will be approved by you before they go out.

    Please email Rena Becker to discuss details of request

  • GAIN Early Stage Investigator Award

    GAIN Early Stage Investigator Award

    The KUH GAp year INternship (GAIN) program for early stage investigators is designed to provide development of mentoring and training skills for the KUH early stage faculty member as well as providing funds to offset the salary of a gap year intern that will be working with the early stage investigator.

    ELIGIBILITY: Early Stage Faculty in Kidney, Urology, or non-malignant Hematology (Instructor or assistant Professor level) are eligible to apply.

    GAIN Awards support 25%-50% of the gap year intern wages

    Questions? please email Rena Becker