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The Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham strives to serve the individuals of underserved populations in Birmingham by providing them access to a free kidney disease screenings. These screenings are student-led and allow for students to develop connections with the vibrant community surrounding UAB and foster their own career development. Since Alabama has one of the highest rates of chronic kidney disease in the United States, KDSAP’s ultimate goal is to alleviate the prevalence of this disease which plagues our community and ultimately work towards creating a healthier population.

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Undergraduate Research

If you are an undergraduate who is actively involved in KDSAP and interested in Nephrology research, see current labs seeking undergraduate research assistants

  • Dr. Tanecia Mitchell
    Dr. Tanecia Mitchell
    Dr. Tanecia Mitchell
    Assistant Professor, Urology

    The mission of the Mitchell laboratory is to investigate the significance of immunometabolism in disease using basic science and translational research approaches. In particular, we aim to understand the role of mitochondria, oxidative stress, and inflammation in immune cells. We use experimental models and dietary feeding studies in humans to identify immune related mechanisms contributing to kidney stone formation. Ongoing projects are investigating the role of oxalate, a compound found in several foods on macrophages during stone formation. The long term goals of our research are to 1) identify the role of macrophage metabolism and function in calcium oxalate (CaOx) stone formation, 2) identify therapies that can modulate macrophage metabolism and function to prevent CaOx stone formation, and 3) develop strategies to intervene in the pathogenesis and/or prognosis of CaOx stone disease.

    Project overview:
    The student will 1) gain hands on experience with clinical trials (i.e. dietary feeding studies in humans), 2) characterize urinary nanocrystals, and 3) test the effect of crystals on macrophages in vitro using several assays. The student will also have the opportunity to grow their presentation and writing skills.

    Anticipated hours:
    10-12 hours a week
    Volunteer Opportunity

    Number of students that can join the lab: 2
    Start date: As soon as possible

    Application Process: Provide update CV/Resume and a brief paragraph of interest via email to Dr. Mitchell

Society Opportunities

We encourage all of our members and students who are interested in Nephrology to sign up for the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) and American Physiological Society (APS). These organizations provide access to research mentorships, networking, career development grants, exclusive access to publications, and much more.

American Society of Nephrology

Membership - Cost: Free
(create an account, then sign up for a membership)
ASN Kidney Week Reimagined 2021 - November 4 - November 7

American Physiological Society

Membership - Cost: $25
(create an account, then sign up for a membership)
Experimental Biology 2021 - April 2-5, Philadelphia, PA

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If you have any questions, please contact Lillian Kennedy or any other Exec committee member!

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