SMART LogoSMART review is a mock study section that consists of a rigorous peer review of early stage career grants including AHA predoctoral, postdoctoral, scientist development grants, NIH F-series, or any other similar grant. A review committee consisting of trainees (postdocs and predocs) and a senior member of the section are appointed for each grant cycle.  The senior member facilitates the review process as if trainees are at a real study section. The goal is to provide training on how the peer review process works in regards to grants in order to gain knowledge of what actually occurs at study section. Not only does SMART reviews provide excellent peer review training, but also it greatly improves the quality of grants that are submitted.

For more information regarding SMART reviews, or if you would like to serve on a panel or submit a grant for review, please contact Dr. Carmen De Miguel (

Review Timeline:

Please use the table below as a reference for submission deadlines to SMART - This is only to be used as a reference, please use the sponsor website for submission deadlines and instructions. Please contact Dr. De Miguel to confirm the SMART deadline if you are submitting a grant and are interested in having a SMART review session.

NIH K-series, new submission 12-Oct 12-Feb 12-Jun 12-Sep 12-Jan 12-May
NIH K-series, re-submission 12-Nov 12-Mar 12-Jul 12-Oct 12-Feb 12-Jun
NIH F-series new or revised 8-Dec     8-Nov    
AHA Predoctoral fellowships 1-Nov     1-Oct    
AHA Postdoctoral fellowships 2-Nov     2-Oct    
AHA Career Development Award 4-Dec     1-Nov